Mia Build advice

Hey guys.

So i’ve pulled a free +Spd Mia from Gacha making mine at +1 and here’s the build i had in mind for her: does it work?

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That’s a mighty pricy build.
I think it could work, but she might have issues with her bulk.

I’d use desperation as B

And maybe a shorter special like Luna

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Yeah it’s pricy but i already have everything at hand ^^

The reason why i chose Aether is because she’ll engage on a foe first to kill him without Special and charge it
, then she’ll unleash her special into a Strong foe that she shouldn’t kill otherwise

Rince and repeat

Desp feels great too tbh, i would replace SS with Brazen then

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Yeah that can work
Especially if you have a Wings of Mercy dancer

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I mean I just gave my Mia FB4 yesterday alongside a bunch of other new toys.

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Karla did it first :feh_tooobin:

Not for me she didn’t! Mia always best sword gurl because RD was my first FE game! Also Mia was way better than Karla ever was in her main series game

I have 2 Karlas and they are both manuals
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I was more joking about how I did that combo with my Karla a long time ago

My Mia has Close Call and Time’s Pulse totally different.

Someone did mention a damage reducing special on the thread where I was considering Close Call on Mia, but I’d rather just have a healing special on Mia (like Sol) cause of her weapon having a Wo Dao effect.

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I mean I was considering repel on Karla actually. But I decided that I think I want to give it to Echidna instead. But since I free summoned Mareeta yesterday maybe I can do both :feh_hridexcited: