Mid-stage evos for GL

I like running spicy teams, especially as the season ends and my ranking isn’t going to change much anyhow. Came across the idea of only using mid-stage evolutions in GL. There’s a few that are already great; Vigoroth, Golbat, Ivysaur, Zweillous, but what are some others that I might now have thought of? Any way to make a fun, moderately-competitive team this way?

Chanssey? There’s the satisfaction of knowing 100% your opponent is cursing your name.

Edit: Haunter obv., graveller some play, marstomp, bayleaf, dragonaire, machoke, grotle

graveler as @squiffy said is super in kanto.
I like quilladin as well, super spammy. Dusclops, tanky and spammy. And sealeo, I built one a while ago and it is for sure not great, but nice spammy spice as well. actually this could be a team…

Relevant mons i have for GL- Magneton, Dewott, Sealeo, Lairon, Marshtomp, Croconaw, Eelektrik, Herdier, Braixen, Grotle, Piloswine. Obviously some perform better than others, but with the right team comp and the fact that some are obscure enough for people to not know what move is coming can lead to some shield miscalculations from opponents. While I do love throwing together full teams of randos like this I typically do a team of 1 meta-ish mon, a mid-tier with wide coverage, and then a rando that will make people guess. Hitting a Hypno with a Crunch from Eelektrik or a Marill with a Thunderbolt from Herdier is fun.

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Sealeo and Lairon are sooooo close but just barely miss being actually good. :frowning_face: Got a Dewott and Croconaw I’m eyeing (leaning towards Dewott). Lots of Grass and Water starters that have decent mid evos, and most of the Dragons too. Haven’t seen any Fire-types that stand out though…

Eelektrik is actually what prompted the whole idea! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Got a 4/11/11 that I’m pushing for UL but short a buncha candy. So I’m thinking of evolving it mid-way to Eelektrik (better GL stats that Eelektross) and using it there until UL and/or I have enough candy to finish it.

I’ve loved using Marshtomp and Dusclops in open GL so that’s a for-sure! I think it was 'goon+Marshtomp+Dusclops.

@Squiffy Machoke’s moveset looks a bit one-sided if you don’t have ETMs and/or a purified one.

No you’re right about Machoke, you’d really have to be all in to bother.

I have a shiny Marshtomp that I love using, feels like a non-cheap Swampert. Dusclops is part of my Fisters team along with Hypno and Hitmonchan all 3 with double punch moves

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You basically have most of the ones I’ve been working on already, eelektrik & quilladin, i also have a really good iv prinplup that could be fun, but it’s iv spread makes it 99.8% perfect as empoleon for ultra league, as prinplup its only 99.2% perfect for great league, and my current empoleon for ultra was powered up before i knew how the game worked, it has like 14-10-7 iv or something like that so idk which to pick, and if i power it up as prinplup it will exceed ul cap when i evolve it……decisions, decisions lol

I had high hopes in priplup, but I only used it in a few games. Loved the double debuffing moves, but it turned out that it could only fire maximally two of them without using a shield. That was not enough. Wrong moveset or wrong strategy presumably, but in my hands it was a waste. Empoleon though…

That’s been my biggest concern, that and the mono water typing….you would think it would be bulkier at basically lvl 40….

Yeah but having two debuffing moves that do the same thing is probably not the way to go…if it had maybe Surf or something instead it could be actually good. That or a beret. :roll_eyes:

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Yep. I was naive and thought of coverage. Grass and fliers are covered. Problem is that bubble beam does effectively zero neutral damage… Pvpoke now recommends hydro pump. I think it’s a bit slow for a non bulky mon, but might work better in many situations

I run Grovyle and it’s actually really good. Bullet Seed & Leaf Blade + Aerial Ace is a nice combo. There’s a video on my youtube channel that features Grovyle on a spicy team.

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Greninja is soooo glassy lol

Lil’ advice: I would say you should probably be quicker to fire those debuffing moves. You want those debuffs to land sooner so you get to enjoy the benefits over more fastmoves. :+1:

I have a blast running whatever obstagoons pre evo is. Fastest body slam In the game along with gible. Snarl/Body slam/Gunk shot.

Extra spice point for a shiny one

Welp…tried it out and its not working super good. Pretty terrible actually. :face_with_head_bandage:

Tried Eelektrik+Dewott+Duskull but with everybody trying the new scary tree (and its counters) its not a friendly place for me. Tried swapping out for Ivysaur, Golbat, maybe some others…nothing really worked. Was thinking that with how tanky Duskull is I’d have a chance but I’m just getting creamed. :skull: Got an ok Quilladin and Grovyle I could try but they’d need 70k to get ready and based on my overall lack of success I’m very cautious of dumping more than 50k on an experiment…

Any advice based on what y’all are seeing of the meta that could get this idea to work?

I’ve used combusken back in the day and had some sort of “success”. It wins what you expect it to win.
Also, people tend to not have a clue of combusken moveset, so bonus point. If you have a weather boosted torchic, it’s funny. I wouldn’t put much dust on it to be honest

I am afraid there isn’t much really valid without some dust. Problem is they all max out at around 1500… And you need that for the stats.