Mienshao with Aura Sphere?

If Lucario gets the move by default, I wouldn’t be suprised if Mienshao gets it instead of brick break, which would make it an uber glass cannon.

Do you think that this is possible, and what happens if it is real? Remember anything can happen at this point, I can even imagine Archeops getting Sky Attack a month later.

I can imagine Aura Sphere getting nerfed. It redefines brokenness.

(Even if Aura Sphere was nerfed to be a clone of Frenzy Plant, Lucario would still have 17.686 DPS compared to Conkeldurr’s 16.852.)

Mienshao would still suffer from severe bulk issues.

The only STAB fast moves it can learn in the main-series games are Low Kick and Rock Smash, both terrible. It also lacks the phenomenal steel typing Lucario has which gives Mienshao significantly less bulk in most matchups. Its paper-thin bulk also doesn’t do it any favors. Mienshao has even less bulk than Breloom in most circumstances.

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Now not only bulk issues but also DPS issues.

This. As much as I love how efficiently my Lucario tears through Blisseys with Aura Sphere, the move is just ridiculous. If Niantic ever plans on giving the move to other Pokemon, they’ll likely have to tone it down first.

Low Kick is terrible but with it, and Aura Sphere, Mienshao would still have the highest fighting-type DPS in the game (currently). The improvement over Lucario looks significant enough to turn some heads, despite the bulk issues.

I’m expecting they’ll give Low Kick (and other fight moves, apart from Counter) some attention at some point in the future, similar to what happened with Mud Slap recently, which could change this for better or worse. Something really needs to be done about their PvP values at least - Counter shouldn’t be objectively better than everything else.