Might be stuck choosing between M.Shez or R.Lif

Had some bizarre RNG on my spark - got no focus units, a good IV Muspell, and Azelle on my way to 41 summons. I might go for another 40, but I’d like to see the coming 8% first and I’m definitely rolling colorless on the next one. (On a side note, does anyone know where to find a chart of upcoming DSH candidates?)

I haven’t figured out my goals yet but I’m not chasing ranks in AR (at most trying to stay in the Vault, maybe not even), would like to win at least half my SD matches against casual players (my teams from like 6-8 months ago just get crushed), and the idea of merging a fast sword like Guy to use Lif’s weapon for faux NFU sounds fun (and SD-viable at max investment, like, GR and he omnitanks I think? Lightning rod off the pulse tie and he’s a checkmating threat)

So obviously the sword sounds fun…skill-copying is pretty speculative at this point (maybe some catch 4 + trace or smoke 4? Rend Heaven + Catch 4 + smoke 4? Infantry / armour fodder is where I’m more interested in copying). But M.Shez seems quite potent as a unit in himself; I’m concerned mainly about how hard he seems to get bodied by dragon wall or any DR not based on spd, really, def-based flat DR being a recent trend for example.

So, which to spark?

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Lif seems to be the clear choice for me, for several reasons.

First of all it’s a just a lot more flexibility. Not only do you get a unit (even if just for limited battles if you aren’t going to use him) you also get fodder. That already is much more than any other unit, which can only be one or the other (unit or fodder).

Secondly is that we don’t know when he’ll reappear. Unlike normal heroes (and even ascended heroes) rearmed heroes aren’t in the normal summon pool.

Combine those two, and Lif is the clear pick in my mind.


If you have a clear use for the sword, then I’d go with Líf, but otherwise, I’d spend my orbs elsewhere. Personally I put his arcane sword on W!Manuela, and it’s fantastic on her. If you want to invest in a sword save, she will serve you well against anything not named Chrom and blue armor effective units. Since I have her and S!Edelgard and Black Knight, I don’t really bother with anyone else for a red tanky role. But, the arcane sword works on infantry, so if you don’t want a Save for whatever reason, I’m sure the sword can be great for that, too.

I feel like having one copy of Líf can’t hurt, even if you don’t have anyone in mind for his sword now.

M!Shez is a good unit (probably one of the best vantage units if that is your thing) but he’s definitely not necessary for anything. The skill fodder on him is excellent but good users of spd/def bulwark are kinda rare. Most speedy units would want NFU, tempo or DR and many of them aren’t that bulky to make great use of obstruct IMO.