Hi, I got Makoto with -HP +Atk ivs, and I was wondering if she’s worth leveling for an infantry team with NY Alfonse, Edelgard and Corrin (M). I was guessing if she suits that team as healer since the infantry healers I have are weak. I have Lachesis, Sakura, and Loki

She is great for blocking counterattacks with her exclusive weapon Flash, even better with Dazzling Staff and Wrathful Staff. If you have a hyper offense infantry team that could tremendously benefit from the AoE Heavy Blade effect of Infantry Rush, it comes on her base kit, although Brady has it too. She’s one of the better infantry healers. However, infantry healers aren’t really in favor compared to flying and cavalry healers right now.

With Edelgard you can run Galeforce + Heavy Blade seal already (not to mention her positioning requirements for skills), and NY!Alfonse doesn’t need special acceleration, so maybe go with Savage Blow instead of Infantry Rush. However, Flash team support is very strong and largely underestimated. GF Edelgard could absolutely wreck enemy teams with that support alone. I’d say Mikoto is worth heavy consideration for your team, especially if you have Razzle Dazzle and Atk/Spd Solo or Push fodder combined with that +Atk IV.

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I use NY Alfonse and with his duo skill that’s why I need an infantry team. Is she worth to invest in her wrathful and dazzling?

Yes? Reasons listed above. Flash is amazing, especially with Duo Alfonse’s skill and Galeforce users. You could also wait to see if a new infantry healer is released in the upcoming months with a higher BST that you can fodder Flash to.

I can only imagine running Duo Alfonse with Duo Ephraim for GF shenanigans…yeesh :grimacing:

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Mikoto is worth investing to if you want a hard hitting infantry healer. That’s it really imo, without a spd boon it’s difficult for her to double.

Her staff stops foes from counterattacking when allies attack them after she’s attacked them or if they were within 2 spaces of someone she targeted. Keep in mind you still need to refine her weapon or have dazzling staff in the b-slot for her to not get countered in return, as Flash+ only stops enemies from counterattacking AFTER Mikoto was In combat.

She is generally a pretty good infantry staff unit for infantry teams though, especially if you haven’t invested in lower rarity ones.

you would be better off giving flash to someone rather than using Mikoto. (more merges, more flowers, etc). vs a 0 merged unit.

I invested a bit in Sakura but don’t know if she’s worth it, that’s why I guessed to invest in Makoto

Mikoto still gets 10 flowers because she’s a gen 2 infantry healer (Mine has 8 flowers right now).

But yes other infantry healers at lower rarity are easier to merge (therefore are safer investments) and will generally have better stats at +10 than a Mikoto who’s at +0.

For reference here’s Mikoto at +0 and Sakura at +10 (both with +atk, Mikoto has -hp because she has 0 merges and your’s is -hp).

Sakura is overall tankier and faster and Mikoto just hits harder (heals more too) than her.

If you want a tankier staff unit, Sakura is it, while Mikoto is better at healing for more and attacking (she’s most likely not gonna double though).

Sakura is easier to merge (even if IS decides to demote Mikoto next demote batch Mikoto would be 4* and 5*
still while Sakura is still 3*/4*), so while she might have worse stats at +0 than +0 Mikoto, she will generally end up surpassing (again except attack) her once she gets those merges. If you don’t want to merge Sakura (maybe you’re saving feathers for a different merge project?) then Mikoto is still a good choice.

I don’t need tankiness since I ha e NY Algo se and Edelgard that can tank a few hits so i think in that case Mikoto is better, am I right?

Yeah, she has the highest base attack of any infantry healer (tied with Genny) so if want fire/healing power Mikoto is a pretty good choice.