Milestones & Progression - How do you gauge it?


So a quick hello to everyone out there! Just to start the ball rolling - Is there anything you do in Epic Seven to really ‘track’ your progression in the game?

For myself, I’ve been using Abyss after clearing the initial Adventure mode. I hit some difficulty barriers in Adventure and found that Abyss seems to be a very direct correlation of my effective power level - more or less what I’m capable of doing in-game. I’m only in the low 60s so far, so I’ve got a long ways to go. Can’t wait to see how our contributors do on our Abyss guide when it’s finally put into the works! (No Diene means I have to actually work for those rewards, lol!)


Abyss, Hunt, and Raid progress are all good indicators of progression.

Hunts a little less so, because you can get by with a specialized team comp.

Abyss and Raid, though, have hard DPS checks for multiple elements, and sometimes that’s a really good indicator of how strong your team is.

…except for the Sez stage. Bosses who can’t be debuffed are just poor design IMO.