MiMiMiMiam Challenge Day 1

Lmao I know noone will care jk…
So I’m starting my journey on a new account!!! Hurrah! I’m calling it MiMiMiMiam Challenge cause why not lmao…


-My main team must be from what I summon from the starting orbs . ex.

-When a five star is summoned,it cannot be used in battle and it must be foddered off to a unit available in the 3*-4* pool.
-This ^^ only applies to units who are exclusive to the 5* pool. Ex. If I summon a 5* Maria I can still use it.
-Heroic Grail heroes are allowed, but free story units such as Eir cannot be.
-Have fun!


-Reach tier 20 in Arena.
-Fully maximize (HM, SP, merge, Dragonflowers) and build my main team.
-Finish every GHB
-Not lose my mind.

Hope you all stay tuned to what happens next lmao… If you have any question feel free to ask… You can do the challenge with me ;)))

-Mimimimiam Challenge: First Summons
-MiMiMiMiam Challenge: UNIT POLL!
-MiMiMiMiam Challenge: My Main Team! (Also Help)
-MiMiMiMiam Challenge: Week 1 Update!


This seems like a neat challenge! You thought of it well. I’d participate, but I’ve no way of making a second account. I’m curious as to how you’ll go through with this. Good luck!

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I Could Do This But Don’t Have The Courage To Do So


It seams interesting and seams like it would be a lot of fun, buuuuuuut I couldn’t fodder off 5 star exclusive units very easily so I would have a hard time doing it.

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I couldn’t do this because luck would get me and give me one of my favorite units and then I’d have to fodder him/her, or make a new account with less orbs

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… i hope you don’t summon FFCorrin, i can’t look at what you’ll do with her
shakin’ and cryin’

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U have a lot of free time in ur hands, don’t u?

But anyways, all the best!

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Hehehehe this was actually one of my 3 am thoughts because I couldn’t sleep lmao

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People think of interesting things at 3 am, it seems.

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Sacrifices Surtr to Bartre MWAHAHaHhah jk

I think it’s the ghost that possesses me for a little bit and gives me random knowledge lol

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Summons Spheal, fodders to Magikarp lmao

Just wait and see ;)))


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welp, Imma rot in feh jail jk

Watch as they summon four Azamas

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sadly I did not ;((((((

lmao new update! :morganagrom:

another one!