Minamoto Lancer with Musashi and Merlin

What is your opinion about this team? What recommendations can give me? I’m a noob in FGO

Not the best idea. Both of them function best as primary dps ( esp Musashi with entirely “selfish” kit, and whatever extra party support Raikou brings, overlaps completely with Merlin). Plus they are both part of the same class triangle, so Musashi will suffer when fighting enemies Raikou is best against.
But pairing either one with Merlin is great! I’d say, you should look into getting second support character or support-dps hybrid, and making separate Musashi and Raikou teams.

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If you substitute Raikou with Mash it’s great .

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Its a fine team if your going for speed.

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Not good against Sabers (they kill Raikou quickly) or Archers (they kill Musashi easily).
Musashi has no party support aside from removing enemy buffs on NP. She should be used as main DPS in most cases. Likely with multiple arts cards to compensate her zerc deck.

Musashi, Merlin and Hans/Mash/Waver is good for Lancer bosses.

As for Raikou, as long as the other, non-Merlin support/secondary DPS is not Rider, who hog your stars, is good.

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Thanks for the answers, now I have problem with the last boss of the prison to have my 5th Ishtar(rider), my mayor problem, they have that colors of bars, but now I have more ideas how to defeat it, because of yours advices. Now for who I should wait for summon the meta will have a real Shift with Skadi, I have 120 quartz right now

I think this is a good start.

Classes are an issue. If Musashi is your main source of damage, then you want to get Raikou off the field ASAP so that you can bring in another support.

This means either using a taunt CE (Poster Girl/Outrage) or Chaldea Combat Uniform (aka plugsuit).

Then Raikou can drop her buffs and make a swift exit for another support, like Hans, Waver, Mash, or even Nightingale/Chacha/Bunyan (bonus points if they have a taunt CE and let you switch in ANOTHER new support).

Thanks for your answer