Minecraft LIVE: Mob Vote discussion thread

As of today, all 3 mobs have been revealed, The Glare, The Allay and the Copper Golem


Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare! - YouTube

Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the allay! - YouTube

Copper Golem:
Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the copper golem! - YouTube

Please be Civil and have a peaceful discussion about what mob you want to vote for and share your opinions with others

Mob Vote 2021
  • Glare
  • Allay
  • Copper Golem

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Yo where’s the discussion at?

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Copper Golem is pretty neat but the Allay is so cutteeeee and it brings you the same type of stuff you gave it that’s actually insane

Glare is cute but lol ultimately pointless
torn between golem and allay

I have a suspicion that Dream will vote Copper Golem because it’s useless to him

But ultimately I can’t actually vote, I don’t have a Twitter

So I’m a bystander in all this

The Allay doesn’t duplicate Items, it picks up the things on the ground which is fairly pointless for Single Player so consider that before making your choice and would be hard to implement correctly while the Glare and Copper Golem would be easier to implement

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welp nevermind lol

Copper golem squad :feh_flaynfire:

Wow that easy huh?


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I’m a simple being

if i can exploit it i want it :fgo_thatbishtar:

Yeah King bDogz tweeted what it would Really do

If anything it’s a mob to prank servermates with while their collecting Sand in survival but that’s about it

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Think I prefer the Allay, seems the most useful out of the three… Glare doesn’t convince me as in Java Edition you can get a live count of your current light level (press F3) and know with some help from the wiki about the spawning conditions (though an area not well illuminated will just spawn monsters a bit far from you anyway), and the Copper Golem seems even less useful than the Iron ones.

Plus I loved the interactions you can make with the Allay.

So I’ll vote the Allay once I can find the official poll, here’s hoping it wins, but I don’t mind if the others also win.

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Keep in mind that the Allay is going to be difficult to implement correctly and may prolong the timeline for whichever of the upcoming two updates the winner is added in

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I think copper golem is the best
I could imagine the hermitcraft players doing something super cool with it
And if you have command blocks? Even cooler stuff
Like there’s endless possibilities for minigames with it, I think it’d be really fun
Allay seems so-so and glare seems useless, I believe they already updated light mechanics to make it easier to know where mobs can spawn

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No way.

Another Hermitcraft viewer?


Personally I disagree with that because of:

I also don’t really like the copper golem design BUT to each their own :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

I dont tune in all that often but I watch here and there.
Love the convex, and cub instigating the war from last season I believe?
Overall just love how they build and what they can do with a world


We’re on Season 8 right now

The Civil War was Season 6

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Grian instigated the Turf War Last Season and now no Wars have occurred yet on Season 8 but there’s probably going to be a Marketing war between the Boatem Crew (Grian, Scar, Mumbo, Impulse and Pearlescent Moon), the Octagon Group (RenDog and DocM77) the Big-Eyes Faction (BDubs, Keralis and Tango) and the Evil Empire (Xizuma, Evil Xizuma, WelsKnight, Vintage Beef and iJevin)

There’s no central shopping district so everyone is establishing their own within their base area and it’s chaos

But at least they don’t have a Demon like the Empires SMP or a TommyInnit like Origins or even a Chaos Scar like Last Life

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