Minun research?

How do i get my paws on a Minun?
TSR says “catch 11 pokemon” has 50/50 chance between plusle and minun.
Done 9 of that task so far, all plusle.
Soooo, really craptacular RNG or should I get other tasks?

Craptacular RNG. There is no other task than „Catch 11 Pokemon“. It‘s definitely in that though, I just needed two of the task to get both :sweat_smile:

I don’t know if it makes a difference and I often look for patterns where there aren’t any, but I lined up two of the “catch 11” tasks and got one of each as I claimed them simultaneously.

But yes, it’s PoGo where the answer nearly always lies with “terrible RNG” or “niantic actually only let one spawn a day”.

I’d add that despite saying “Bagon and Beldum” will be hatching from eggs, I’ve yet to hatch either. I’m knee deep in Skitty though. There’s probably a joke in there somewhere…

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Crud. Thought I had used up all my bad rng karma for the “658 Aron encounters since shiny release and still no effing shiny” issue.
Oh well, I’ll see if I can get another task, already milked most of the local stops.

Littered in Skitty’s? Skitty littered? Bunch of others but none family friendly

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You can also get Plusle and Minun from the incense event tomorrow https://pokemongolive.com/post/incenseday-electric-dragon-mareep/?hl=en

Can confirm the event will give Minun Plusle and Bagon…regularly at the appropriate times.

Source - Just finished the event

Really appreciate the Aussie updates, ty in general

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Yep, we’re headed in the same direction…

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