Mirror Stance 3 on F!Lyon or someone else?

Ever since I got him I planned to put the first mirror stance 3 I got on him, but now that I actually got the manual I’m gonna ask if there’s anything else that might stick out as a better user

The only other ARO carry I’m using that doesn’t use DC in their A slot is Fallen Ike, and I’m pretty sure he’d prefer a unity or a different stance if I were to change his A slot from atk/spd solo.

That’s an excellent question. I think he’s a good user of it, though some give him Sturdy Stance so he’s a better bow/dagger baiter. That’s not the question though, so I’d say go for it. He’s a good user since he loves to mage bait.


F-Lyon desperately wants something to stop specials because of his pitiful Spd – even with DR specials hurt him a lot (and Deadeye/Mininnes ignore the DR altogether). Ike would vastly prefer Unity

The only other really solid AR candidates I can think of are OG Micaiah and Baby Lyon (Sophia/Normal Lyon can use it too but may prefer Bracing Stance)


I feel like OG Micaiah enjoy distant def 4 at least just at much, if not even more to patch-up her pitiful def.

Yes, give Mirror Stance 3 to F!Lyon, it helps him a ton.