Mirror vs fierce stance

Which seal would work better on my Ike for Aether raids? I use a blucina with double drive atk seals for support. Basically I’m contemplating sacrificing 2 atk for 4 res.

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I think it’s worth it. :feh_ikestare:

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HP/Atk 2

I’d go with Mirror :feh_ikestare:


The value of res diminishes when you factor in damage reduction, so I’d keep Fierce Stance


And the value of attack diminishes when you factor in Aether (I’m assuming that’s Aether I can’t read Japanese)

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Eh, not really. Halving your enemy’s defense doesn’t make higher attack less effective

And if you’re trying to one shot with Aether, you need as much atk as possible


That is Aether

Also I’d personally go for Fierce for extra damage but idk

Quick Riposte It’s like fierce stance 30.

Mirror nets a slight bit more survivability since +4 Res > ~2 more Damage reduction

I personally run Brazen Atk/Res on my BIke. He drops into the range safely pretty easily, since he takes fair chunks of damage but not too much. It’s the best of both worlds in my eyes lol. Otherwise, I would probably pick Fierce Stance if anything only because it helps prevent Legendary Celica from doing more damage. If I’m honestly though, it hardly matters.

I wouldn’t recommend running Quick Riposte though, becaues he can pretty easily be knocked out of its range in a single attack, making it a potential deadweight. Better to just speed meme him. Though it could work sometimes.

[Fierce Stance] seal, he’ll deal slightly more damage and it won’t make much of a difference if not negligible thanks to the refine