Mishap with the Rare Prism shop?

So, because I’m a collector type, this event gave me the first Rare Prism I’ve ever had due to getting an NP6 of waifu Saber Fran, and I won’t be getting anymore until next year, where welfare repeats start giving RPs as well.

With only having one, I went to buy the unlock for Mona Lisa in the MP shop. I spent the RP to unlock Mona Lisa… but it unlocked Personal Training in the MP shop instead, and Mona Lisa is still in the RP shop.

I know it probably would seem like I just bought Personal Training accidentally, but I’m absolutely positive that I bought Mona Lisa, due to the fact that RP is a super rare resource for me, and I double and triple checked before pressing the confirm button because of it.

Is this something that happened to anyone else before? Or the super slim and unlikely off-chance that there’s a place I could contact to get that looked at/undone so I could try again while taking screenshots if it happens again?

you could try reporting it as a bug to fgo’s support

no guarantees anything will be done though


The support team does answer emails, but I don’t know if they would reverse it. I remember someone mentioning that they couldn’t find their maxed arash. Support was able to determine that the player had burned him, but didn’t reverse it. Unfortunately the player hadn’t learned how to lock cards yet.

well at least it was an arash and not something rarer

unless maxed also means grails, then rip