Missed a lot of freebies; is it worth coming back?

I deleted FGO thinking I wouldn’t come back, but I find myself missing it.
Is it worth bringing up my old account again despite everything I missed?

I deleted the game right before Setsubun, so I think I missed on Shiki, Saber Lily (really wanted her lol), the Babylonia stuff, and a bunch of free quartz (somewhat ruining my plan of just rolling for Okitan and Skadi this year).

Jp just implemented a method to get old welfare’s back so NA will eventually get it. Saber Lily is also going to be added into the FP gacha in the future since JP just added her to the FP gacha.


Whoa, that’s seriously good. I wouldn’t mind the wait in that case lol.
But how about in terms of freebies and SQ? I’m worried I missed out too much of the Babylonia and event quartz xD.

freebie wise missed out on those but we will still get more leading up to Skadi at least with quartz.
Anyone is free to correct me on this but i know that we will get a bonus to total logins going from 20-30 and i think its retroactive? i think this will happen on the 3rd anniversary.
We will also get bonus SQ for the amount of strengthening quests and interludes you’ve completed and i know this one is retroactive. I just don’t know the time frame for when this goes up, I’m guessing around 3rd anniversary as well.
the Mystic Code you missed out on will probably be added to the rare prism store so you could get it again but its gonna 5 rare prisms. its not really necessary since the skills are ok but not amazing or worth it. its better to get anniversary blonde since its one of the best MC.

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Glad to know I might be able to build up a fund for Skadi, and maybe I can get a bit more right before the new GudaGuda event. Thanks for the help! I’ll give FGO another shot.

no problem idk why you decided to quit but getting back into it just remember to temper your expectations when you roll so you dont feel as much salt when you roll and dont get what you want.

It’s pretty much just a general feeling of being tired with the game. Playing 2 lotto events back-to-back left me feeling burned out. But this time I’ll be playing much much more casually.