Missed Event Storylines

I started FGO a tad late and unfortunately missed some stellar Event CEs and Welfare Servants; this topic is not about those however.

While I did get a chance to play through some reruns, I’m curious if there are any events I have missed with notable or interesting plots.

As far as I can tell, I think the Event Log orders them in descending order of release. I’ve attached the older ones I have below.

Are there any Events, e.g., canon events, veterans would recommend in visiting on YouTube or elsewhere? Thank you in advance!

pokedude200, at least, if he still makes videos :/

Not sure if that is the full extent of what you have or not but based on when those reruns occured: you probably missed Halloween 1, maybe 2? Summer 1, Christmas 1, Guda Guda 1 (maybe 2 of those as well?) Did you miss anything interesting?


Most events aren’t really canon tbh except maybe Musashi trial quest


To be honest, most of the early events were just jokes and gags. Fun but not especially memorable. It’s been more recently that events have really stood out for me, summer 3, GUDAGUDA 3, new years in particular.

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Thank you to all who replied!

Since I missed GUDAGUDA 1, I went and watched it, and @Mysty you’re quite right that it was stuffed with gags. DW has come a long way in storytelling.

Are there any Events that helped to cement a particular Servant’s likeability? I personally didn’t particularly care for any of the Altrias, but Shinjuku single-handedly shot Salter up to #1 for me with her interaction with Jalter.

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Summer 3 really helped blackbeard be more than a lolicon. Kogetsukan helped stheno, new years helped fionn… But all those examples I can readily think of are from the better events anyway…

Edit, actually Halloween 2 made me appreciate yang a lot more than Shinjuku did


Yan Qing, you mean…? I don’t think Yang Gufei is in-game on NA yet haha

I concur! I’m glad I got to experience ServaFes, Kogetsukan, and Enma-Tei too.

I’ll go check Hallowe’en 2 out then. Do the Hallowe’en and Christmas Event have some loose continuity like the GUDAGUDA events?

I think the jannu alter rerun was the oldest of those? which would mean you started at the beginning of last year?

That would mean you missed
Christmas 1 (santa alter), Christmas 2 (santa lily), GUDA-GUDA 1 (nobbu), summer 1 (summer scath), prison tower (dantes/tCoMC), moon festival (orion), Halloween 1 and 2 (guess), and rashomon and onigashima (the RAITA crew)
Everything else doesn’t really have a plot (nerofest, valentine’s 1 and rerun)

Of those,
Prison tower and rashomon/onigashima have actual significance, with prison tower relating to the actual main plot of the game.
Christmas 2 introduces santa alter lily. GUDA if you like GUDA.
Summer 1 and Halloween 2 are nice and even funny character spotlights. Summer 1 might be hard to understand given that every choice has three cutscene. Also part 2 is way worse than 1.
Christmas 1 is nice but is old and short and mostly hangs on whether or not you like seiba alter.
The events of Halloween 1 and moon festival are exactly what you’d expect. Liz invites you to the castle and you fight people, and Orion shows up and you think he’s Artemis for like a 5 minute conversation.
In decreasing order of recommendation.

Only those first two were actually canon to anything, honestly the trial quest stories are more canon than the rest.

pls, this is nasuverse

everything is canon

you mean halloween3?

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Yan participated in a Halloween event?

Yan Qing was in Halloween 3

I completely forgot about him somehow, i kinda feel bad now.

btw, I believe everyone meant to say ‘sassy-shin’


Yes, Halloween does have continuity and the changing appearance of the castle won’t make sense without the others. But I do stand corrected that yan is in 3 not 2

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I started during Summer 2, so it sounds like I started just about when event storylines started taking themselves more seriously (not Summer 2 specifically, but in general). I do regret missing out on Archer Nobu, and especially Maid in Halloween, the ultimate Nero solo CE. /cry

But other than that, I don’t feel like I missed much. But anybody starting today… Geeze, good luck.


Salter Best Girl! Always good to see another Salter fan~

Alas, I don’t have the Lores (or the QP) for both of them… Rider is stuck at 9/9/9, and OG is at 9/8/9 due to Dust-gate. :fgo_fujigloom:

Rider is slowly on her way to Bond 10 (290K to go!) I shan’t ever regret the SR Ticket for Salter… Ecstatic for when her Shinjuku costume arrives! Now if only Santa Alter would return somehow…

@napras-sword Thank you again for the heads up. I went through Prison Tower, but it didn’t seem like it had much impact in the story apart from introducing Dantès, who still seems randomly inserted to me.

I quite liked Rashomon though and am in the middle of Onigashima. The heavier gag-nature of the latter is throwing me off…

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Yesh. I stand corrected. Sassy-shin shall always be Sassy-shin. (Oddly, “Alty” never stuck for Summer Jalter even though she was also made fun of for that, if I recall…)