Missed event Tdolls, Rates

It feels terrible knowing I missed out on some of the best Tdolls in the game because I wasn’t able to play during older events. Will stuff like Gunslinger girls get a rerun? I want to keep playing, but because I missed stuff and because the rates on getting guns I actually want/need feels so oppressively low, I just feel depressed about the prospect of spending an unknown amount of time and energy not getting who I want with no form of pity breaker. Should I just suck it up and raise 2*-3* dolls until I pull who I want?

Gunslinger Girl will probably not rerun (due to some CN/JP drama) but most non-collab limited dolls will rerun eventually. Some of the top EN/JP rankers started the game relatively late compared to the rest of the server and are doing fine, so I wouldn’t worry about the lack of dolls.

You’re given a bunch of free 4-star dolls from the new career quests (if you haven’t done the career quests, look in your own quest menu and do them, they should say something like “IOP Special Mission” and ask you to clear a story map.)

Also, if you can complete the Shattered Connexion event that’s currently ongoing, you get a free True Core Mask that lets you pick any 5-star unit of your choice (including SGs!). So I would definitely start playing now and try to beat the event because these don’t come by often.