Mixed Phase Shamir?

Backstory time: back in Drusselstein- wait, no, wrong thing. Back in Three Houses, Shamir is one of my favourites. When she and her wife came out on the same banner I wanted both but Catherine was super elusive and over the debut banner, BHB and Forging Bonds revival banner, I spent 600-and-somthing orbs before getting one Katie but had ended up with a +6 Shamir. She’s now +7 and with the Three Hopes promo banners, this’ll likely be the last time she’ll be sparkable and so the best time to try and +10 her.

The thing is, I barley use her and that’s because I tend to use mixed or enemy phase units so I’m wondering if I can make a gorgeous favourite who’s designed for player phase work mixed. Spd Smoke 4 is her best option as she can prevent counters when solo so can easily initiate to get the dodge active for enemy phase.

So does anyone think that would work out well? Her Def/Res aren’t bad and the speed is top tier for DR but I wonder if she’s overspeeding at a max effective 84 Spd and maybe an ideal with Def or Res would be better.


I don’t think this build is mixed phase. It’s more offensive oriented with a ‘just in case’ dodge which might help her survive one single round of combat.

Her bow doesn’t help her much in tanking so I don’t know…

If you were crazy you could try this (funnily she’s got a superboon in def)



I agree this isn’t really a mixed phase set

Yeah you get the Dodge but Shamir does not have a lot of raw bulk here. Assuming a foe has around 60 Atk (not unusual these days; and many foes even go way higher, just look at Letizia) she’s still taking like 15 damage a hit, and she doesn’t have a ton of HP or any form of healing to mitigate that. It’ll save her in a pinch but she is not going to want to endure multiple attacks


Yeah, I’m happy to accept that there’s no point in trying to push her to mixed phase capable. Even if she did stack up some Def/Res from her A skill and seal she’d need Noontime for healing, which would fire on every counter, but she’s then losing Deadeye. I think I will still try to +10 her but just leave her as full player phase.

Norne is my next project for feather burning and I’m hoping the Guard Bow native will get something good for mixed phase so would be better investing the likes of Close Reversal on her. Hopefully, unless IS mess up and she ends up with an awkward prf like Setsuna did.


changing the B slot for a lull atk/spd could be a good improvement to her defenses and an increase to the dodge, mystic boost seal is also a favorite for tanks.