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FGO continues the trend of introdcuing new 4*s with the rerun of a crossover event, this time giving us the serious Miyu Edelfelt as a 4* support Caster reminiscent of Merlin.

But unlike Merlin, who is good, and unlike Miyu in the show, who is good, this Miyu is…not very good. I promise to try to be nice.

Miyu has one decent passive and then one good one - Unlimited Prana Supply B gives her 4% NP gauge every turn, which is nice. That 1% less than Merlin will add up over longer fights, but Miyu probably won’t survive longer fights anyway.


S1: This would be great if it was targetable or party-wide. Instead, it’s less than ideal. 30% Arts is good for 3/5 turns (I’m bad at telling what her NP gain is by hitcounts) but her attack is really, really low so you want to avoid using her face cards when possible. It also tacks on a 3 attack/3 turn 30% crit damage boost…yeah, I don’t know why either. She isn’t absorbing stars often and again, her attack is low. You don’t want her being your DPS. Luckily this doesn’t inflate the CD on the skill but it’s just :feh_lucyshrug: Like I said, make this targetable and we’d be talking.

S2: Guts is important to Miyu thanks to her NP demerit, so she’ll be getting a lot of use out of this skill. The Debuff Immunity is situational, but it lasts for (1 time) 3 turns so you don’t quite have to worry about it going to waste.

S3: This is her best skill. It’s a targetable 30% battery that also provides a buff to success rates for 3 turns. This is ideal for Illya-faced allies like Illya (s3), Sitonai (s3), and Archer Illya (s3), but since the rate goes up to 40% at lvl 10, that means it also works with every Imperial Privilege (60%), and other RNG skills (Hans, Tesla, Helena, Ishtar, etc).

Skill (and Ascension) Mats:

She needs Proofs, Dust, Roots, and Feathers for her Ascension. She then needs Proofs, Dust, Lanugos, and Seashells for her skill mats.

I’m going to ignore the Feathers (an annoying mat, but 8 isn’t that many and we can all scrounge that up easily enough), Roots (a small number and common in shops) and Lanugos (not a very common ask and often in shops). The Dust/Proof/Shell requirement is real though.

We’ll get 101 Proofs by the end of March; 93 Dust; and 50 Shells.

Mat Farming Locations and (Approximate) AP Cost:

Dust: Charlotte (America): 2,737 AP

  • Also will get Proofs here, about 66 of them

Proofs: Pirate Ship (Okeanos): 1,230 AP
Shells: Observatory (Babylonia): 3,138 AP

Total: 7,105 AP///25 Days (Natural AP regen)///51 Gold Apple refills

So she doesn’t need much if you wanted to max level her, but the ones she does need are just things everyone needs and so you probably don’t have extras lying around. And other than her s3, her skills aren’t amazing and you could leave them at lvl 6 for the initial CD reduction. But absolutely max level her 3rd skill.



So, you’d think at first this is a mini Garden of Avalon. And it is. But less so “mini” and more so “worse”. The Heal is less per turn (at any given NP level it is half), the Stars/turn is the same, and the NP/turn is more…so why is it worse? Well, first off there is a big fat 3k HP demerit to Miyu when you use it. Now, she can’t die from this demerit, so she doesn’t need to have more than 3k HP to use it, but that limits her time on the field. Secondly, the buffs given are party-wide but they only technically go to herself - meaning, if Miyu dies, the buffs stop. If you use plugsuit to get Miyu off the field, the buffs stop. If a boss has buff removal and uses it on Miyu, the buffs stop. Now this is a double-edged sword so if you used it and someone else died and was replaced, they’d now get the NP buff for any remaining turns, so that’s something, I guess? The HP demerit is still there, though. She needs NP5 just to break even from every NP use and under normal circumstances will never be able to actually benefit from the heal herself…

Competition/Conclusion: With a great amount of work and team building, she can be made usable. Two Miyus at NP1 can create enough healing to break even (they’d get ahead if either/both are NP2 +). But I really can’t imagine why you’d ever want to bring two Miyus instead of a single one and Merlin…and I’m not even sure why you’d want to bring a single one and Merlin instead of some other support and Merlin.

If you insist on trying to use her anyway, Merlin is best since his NP really helps her fight the HP demerit, he provides party charge as well, and he can give a single turn of Invincibility if her Guts skill was down. Tamamo can provide more healing and reduce the CD on her skills. And CEs like Gentle Affection, Bitter Black, and Maid in Halloween can boost the amount of healing she performs (or receives for herself). Finally, Vessel of the Saint can provide her up to 3 demerit-free NPs (assuming no debuffs come from the enemy) while also helping her NP gain. Vessel will not work on Miyu’s HP loss.


Miyu is pretty bad; I won’t be kind.

However, I can see her being more useful under one or both of the following conditions:

  • The player has a small roster without premium NP charge support
  • Miyu is feeding NP charge and stars to someone like QSH, who otherwise runs independently and can protect her (again, assuming no native Merlin and pre-strengthening Hans)

Otherwise I guess it’s nice to collect the whole cast…


Look at what you did to my girl DW


I should clarify this part:

The Heal is less per turn (at any given NP level it is half), the Stars/turn is the same, and the NP/turn is more

The heal is 500/turn to Merlin’s 1000/turn. BUT Merlin’s buff lasts for 5 turns and Miyu’s only for 3. The same is true for the crit stars - they’re both 5/turn, but Merlin provides an extra 2 turns of that. Even so Miyu does still provide more party charge (30% compared to 25%).


Hit the nail right on the head. Hans post upgrade can provide almost as much benefit (minus the on demand battery) while being significantly cheaper

Her best CE will be Scholars of Chaldea. Starts her off with 50% charge to make her support the team faster, and helps counter the demerit since it increases healing recieved by 30% as opposed to 20% increased healing power of gentle affection. Even if you have her at NP 2, her demerit almost doesn’t exist, and at higher np levels, this CE lets her break more than even. Her heal numbers aren’t great to begin with, so enhancing the heal for the party rather than countering her demerit isn’t worth it if you have the choice. Also, Vessel of the saint does not work. Her demerit is not a status effect (tested this as well). Focus on self-healing CEs and command codes, and she might be a boon to the team.

Out of the box, she’s terrible, but I’m under the impression that she might be the type where if you put in the resources and right CE, she can actually become good. It’s a bit misleading to compare her to Hans, because while they share the same charging numbers, Han’s NP charging on his skill is single target whereas Miyu is party wide. It’s better to consider her a high-uptime Edison. Why use her over Hans? You’d user her when A. RNG based buffs are in play (ironically including Miyu + Hans), and when the second support can significantly support the team through their np (including Hans, or supports that don’t have the greatest NP gain themselves like Jeanne or Osakabahime) When the duration of their NPs end, Merlin charges the team by 25% and himself a total of 50%, whereas MIyu charges the party by 30%, and herself by 42%. However, it take Merlin 5 turns to do this, and 3 turns for Miyu, and her arts buff may further help her spam her np, so it’s theoretically more impactful than Garden of Avalon if you mitigate her demerit.

Now, rant time. What I said above is only if you have NP2 or above, and specifically be big-brained and resource heavy to make her NP functional so that she can possibly be good. I understand why they made her NP like they did. Avalon is really, really strong if its user has a passive np charge already (it’d be fairly unremarkable if Merlin didn’t have his mixed blood passive), so they wanted to gimp it for the 4 star they introduced. Problem is that they double nerfed it. Duration is shortened and they added the massive NP demerit. There should be one or the other not both. Either you prevent the hilarious uptime Miyu’s np would have at 5 turns by making it only 3 turns, or you put the hp demerit to encourage pacing. However, they did both, and the result is that Miyu is in a miserable state where the player has to make her good with limited resources, higher np levels, or CEs. That’s why she can potentially be both simultaneously give good performance (we’ll see, still testing) and terrible.


Really? It worked on Fujino in the Beni-Enma CQ and that’s a HP loss.

Edit: I’ll find my screenshot later, I thought it did but maybe it was a Beni debuff it blocked. I used her NP quite a few times and I might be able to see her HP value at the end.

We can’t make her good; only less punishing to use. NP5 doesn’t even fix her, because the demerit on her NP isn’t even her worst offense (though it’s a biggie).


Fujino does max HP down, which is a debuff; not HP down, which is not a debuff. Vessel will block Fujino’s demerit, but not Miyu’s.


Miyu is just generally pretty bad. She’s vaguely passable as a stall support if you don’t have your own supports, but I’d really rather use Tama/David/Mash than awkwardly shove Miyu in there. She’s got this weird position of being a support who needs support, which kind of defeats the purpose. You either want two supports putting all of their resources into one DPS, or one support spreading their resources between two DPS. Having a support supporting a support who supports a DPS just makes no sense.

Hans, Asclepius, Shakespeare, Paracelsus, and Mozart are capable of doing pretty much everything that you would want Miyu to do for you. Being outcompeted by a bunch of bronze servants isn’t a good look for an extremely limited caster.

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There is one meme team with Miyu i really enjoy watching.

It is VERY expensive, it is EXTREMELY weak to AoE NPs or buff removal and Voyager himself doesn’t do a lot of damage (because Miyu offers him no Steroids), but it is very fun seeing a Triple NP chain result in 50/64% passive charge in one turn and 30/34% more in the following.

So, if I understand correctly, if you put Miyu on a team with Big Four supports, like Merlin and Tamamo, she can almost function as an alternative support option for masters who don’t have Big Four supports, like Merlin and Tamamo.

Seems legit.


And this is why i’m satisfied with NP1, the only utility i get from her is her 3rd skill, a 30% np charge is always useful after all.

But yeah if only her Arts buff was targetable she would’ve been a nice support… a shame.


I personally feel like she pairs decently with Helena who is on rate up with her, the only real issue is that it helps players without supports and not much else. I technically fall into that category myself, but I would prefer to just wait on Merlin. I lasted this long with BBikini as my only support, I can keep it that way.

The flaws are pretty rough to be sure. A character that could easily get strengthening to most of her kit and it wouldn’t remotely be overkill.

Ended up with NP3 and I’m good with that. Combined with some command codes that should be enough to at least keep her from destroying herself too badly. The best you can do is try to limit the negative of her NP and get the most out of it. Certainly not bad in itself to have that np gen, star gen, and healing. Just too bad the healing is so low and ties with that severe demerit.

The third skill at least is nice. Decent charge and while obviously good for Illya servants, also works solid with imperial privilege servants. Obviously just something good if you are willing to go the extra mile to use Miyu in the first place. But will take what I can get there.

Only real positive is that her animations are nice. Nice visual for the beam attacks, threw in a Lancer Include which was appreciated, and the little magical blade. Outside of Installs captured Miyu’s fighting style pretty well. So even if she’s not as effective as other servants, she’s still looking good while fighting.

Guess if I wanted to stretch things a bit I’d say that she’s not bad in a boring way. Ways to try and tackle the issues with her NP and it does have useful qualities. Wish they’d done Miyu more justice, but still glad she’s finally out so I can use her.


I would like a copy of her partly because I do like her character, and also partly because she’s one of the really rare servants like Fujino (who I failed to get) But I really can’t justify doing multiple rolls for her when my main goals like Murasaki, King Protea, and Kama are just around the corner. Especially since I doubt I’d use her much.


Flavor, probably? Bringing 2xHans Christian Andersen has also so-so value when Avalon is available either from own roster or via support - yes, there’s his crit-buffx2 and the soon-to-be strengthened skill 3, the issue of his jinx-prone NP remains, however.

Speaking of that, Miyu is the only available Cast class that also features buff-success up to unjinx his NP. In assassin-heavy nodes where plugsuiting the two alternatives to her, Ling/Ozy in/out for that job isn’t an option - because lvling other MC takes priority and/or facecarding is what’s called for due to drop/spawn CE - she can jump in at less risk of being crit out due to class disadvantage of assassin mobs vs Cast.
Not that there is much risk of that happening in current event due to how easy the nodes are and her innate damage-bonus. But I do enjoy borrowing her for that role, enough so that I’ll probably go ahead and secure her NP5 on Medb-day next week.

That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t welcome a do-over of her kit and/or NP. We’ll just have to wait when DW will actually get around to that.

Tbf, you could grab one of your friends’ Big Four supports to run alongside your own Miyu. As someone that doesn’t have Waver, Merlin, or Skadi, this type of thinking is pretty relevant to me.

Not that I’m saying go for Miyu, more just throwing that out there for people who happen to get her for one reason or another and are in the same situation I am. I think she does instantly become better if you run her alongside a friend Merlin/Tamamo since they patch up her weaknesses a bit and she further contributes to stall/team survivability/turn over turn NP gain.

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Yeah, I guess if you happen to have Miyu and none of the Big Four, she can provide some utility. Just a shame she needs so much support, herself, as an SR with a mini-Garden of Avalon (Flower Pot of Avalon?) would be nice for newer masters who haven’t had a chance to pull for Merlin.

Though, being so limited, kinda defeats the purpose of being “lower-rarity Merlin”, I guess.


Let’s Argue: If Miyu had been a general pool (or even story-locked) 3* instead of a highly limited 4*, she would actually be an amazing budget asset.

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