Mjolnirs Strike: Defensive Team

Haven’t seen much talked about gameplay here. A few questions to clarify for the defensive team.

It says the stronger of four heroes, so to max out a score you would only need four light heroes (next season) so we don’t need to waste blessings is my understanding, right?

What I’m less sure of is it talks strength of hero brings out stronger enemies, so does that mean (season aside) scoring is like arena where you want a +10 with the best skills, or like AR does +10 not matter? This part confuses me

Any help is awesome, thanks in advance

@My_Dude @Bow-of-Sacae May be interested


Hmm, well I guess we won’t know for sure until it starts, but the tips mentioned the Major blessing mythic will have a stat bonus and be treated as a +10, which brings stronger foes. So it sounds like merges could affect scoring. As far as BST from skills, I really hope not, but we’ll see!

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I caught that also about the +10 mythic scoring, actually which was probably what prompted my question. I also hope BST won’t have anything to do with it! That’s the one thing I really like about AR, scoring isn’t based on that.

So near as I can tell, my Eir got+8 to her stats (4 from blessing, 4 from +10 “merge”). My others were all light and got +4 all stats. Excluding the +10 Spd Def Res bonuses of course.

My guess is BST will be a factor (hope I am wrong!) but if we are going for the highest among the two pair up, I wouldn’t think all 8 need to be max merged OR even blessing of that season, which would help. On that, I hope I am right.

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The score only takes into account the strongest unit in each pair so we don’t need all 8 units to be max merged. So the way I understand it is, the best way to get the highest score possible is to have 4 max/highly merged Mythic heroes (more if they’re all major) for that season and give them a bunch of high SP skills.

So as usual, the new event is nothing but IS making people pull on the cursed 8% Mythic banners.


It would seem a bit silly to me if all 8 units were required to be max merges to get the most out of your scoring due to the fact that new players will take way too much time to catch up to veteran players in this mode. Asking to +10 8 characters is too much honestly.

I think it should be limited on that part of the mode though I am not entirely certain how they will go about doing it.


Well, I tested my defense, and sorry to say it looks like BST and skill SP will both be a factor. It shows your score range right before starting a test match, and my score went up after equipping Arena skill sets.

That’s a shame, I would have much preferred it without the skill SP scoring. Now to decide between a lower score, or having all my heroes run around with sub-par skills :feh_elisad:

On the other hand, Double Galeforce on the top row is OP in this mode. Just need a couple strong ranged heroes on the bottom, and enemies will hardly ever survive to their player own phase.


That sounds about right with the BST and skills (sadly) but at least only on four units not eight. Still, as seasons rotate, it’ll also mean dark and anima need solid merged units, not just offense season. That’s a good 4x4=16 units preferred to be maxed at +10, so whales playing for a long time now will be glad to hear that.

Thanks for the play testing. I was also thinking galeforce for the main upper unit would be killer, glad to hear you concurred with that @My_Dude!

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Yep, I guess it’s expected at this point, but I got my hopes up about the BST scoring at first.

Hmm, so what do the blessings do in this mode? It mentioned something about blessed heroes not receiving typical bonuses from Mythics. But do you think blessings affect score?

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You mean like the +2 and +4 mythic bonuses?

Good news at least is with pair up you can have a max merge you don’t use (I think) that doesn’t have to be of the season, as long as their pair up IS of the season. So it seems from my playtesting

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I don’t mind the scoring here. The backup units can be the score batteries and we aren’t required to kill with bonus units. Just maul the enemies with the strong guys


The top unit not being able to be attacked is kinda ridiculous tbh, just throw a hyper offense Galeforce unit in there and watch them destroy


Yeah I think Galeforce will be a solid tactic for the top hero.

And I guess the scoring isn’t too bad, since we can pair up. Still is not ideal though…

I’m just wondering if there is any need to even use Mythics or blessings in this mode. Seems like a +10 regular hero will score the same as an unmerged Mythic, and I’m not sure if blessings increase score like they do for Arena Assault, etc. Unless I’m missing something?

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Who knows?
I’m still pretty confused myself

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Scoring wise for mythics… I see what you are saying. Well yeah, an unmerged Eir is basically a +10 for scoring. But now that I test it, it really doesn’t seem like we need a mythic in their season for scoring , unlike AR.

I am seeing an extra +2 for having at least one main mythic (Duma, Eir etc) in their season and I can’t figure out why. Heroes with a mythic blessing don’t matter from what I can tell.