MLB Afternoon Party or Prisma Cosmos?

I want to ask for an advice on which CE is a better pick, or probably a different CE suggestion. I have been wondering about this for a while, in a case of general hard content (CQ, boss battle), which CE is better to be equipped to the likes of Hans and Mash where you want to consistently deploy their their NP for survivability, MLB Afternoon Party (5% NP per turn & 12% Arts boost) or non-MLB Prisma Cosmos (8% NP per turn)?
I have been favouring Afternoon Party because the effect seems like it would give better NP gain overall, but I’m not sure, since some guides seem to recommend Prisma Cosmos a lot.

Depends entirely on the servant. Low NP gain servants tend to prefer Prisma Cosmos. Arts up tends to be more beneficial to the servants who actually want to deal damage. Jeanne, Mash, and Hans aren’t primary damage dealers and so you’re usually using their cards to add to a chain moreso than dealing damage.

If you’re running pure stall, it probably doesn’t matter.

Understand that afternoon party is a very new CE and the writers have been swamped. They don’t recommend cards not available yet in NA and those servants haven’t had an update since it released.

I don’t know how the math works out but I imagine prisma cosmo would be better for servants with really bad np gain rates (like tama-chan) but afternoon party might work better when the servant has good np gain rates.

For an attacker? Afternoon Party, but Sumo and Drunk Jeanne are honestly better for the attacker role.
For support? Prisma Cosmos. You don’t really want to use their cards so much, so higher passive NP gen would help them better.

I see, so the arts up would add more to DPS. But yeah, other CEs would give better damage boost it seems…
So Prisma Cosmos can let you forego selecting support’s card and deal more damage, especially if they have bad NP gain to begin with… Thank you for the answers everyone.

MLB Afternoon Party is really great in arts teams as a budget Prisma Cosmos.

Someone like Tamamo, whose cards you’ll prioritize and stick at the end of chains, will gain a lot from it.

Prisma Cosmos is better, though. If you have one of each, stick Afternoon Party on the servant with better base NP gain (Waver, Hans, Merlin) and Prisma Cosmos on the one with worse NP gain (Tamamo, Jeanne, etc.).

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I see, that makes sense. Arts boost will benefit units with better NP gain from their cards. Thank you for your advice.

Prisma Cosmos hands down…That carried me (attached to Jeanne) 60% of the way through Salter’s challenge quest. before i got utterly anihilated

Maybe that’s true… I usually used afternoon party on mash, but recently on a boss battle I tried Prisma Cosmos and somewhat can NP a bit more consistently, though I didn’t really pay attention, so not really sure.