Mmm... weren't we supposed to not get doubled Welfares?

I have 6 Chachas.

1 of them is from last year, so already NP5.

And since i never raised her, i have now 8 ascension items.

Is FGO telling me that i can raise both and use at the same time in my party 2 Chachas NP5? And with a friend support i can do a full 3 team of Chachas?

Non. You can’t… If we had this possibility, i would have tried NP5 my dupes of Void shiki and run a team of them.


Oh, what a pity.

On a side note, Chacha along with Tomoe and Kiyo lancer are a good mixed tematic team of fire-stacking damage servants

In future, 1 welfare bonus is 1 rare prism :fgo_ereshlove:

If by ‘not getting doubled welfares’ you were referring to how we get RP for the extra copies, that update only comes with Santa Altera this November.

Until then, we will get welfare copies even if we already have them.


How much do you want to bleed your ears? :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

On the topic’s side, you still can get Welfares if you already got them from the past’s events, but you can’t have two identical Servants of yours in a same team (except supports). You could put both on your FL tho, one on their class slot and one on ALL slot if you wanna flex like that


I think we’ll get a Rare prism and the servant, just like usos are awarded to the player. Every time you get a 6th copy and above, rare prisms might be awarded in the present box, so you get the RP and servant… probably.


AFAIK it’s just the RP that gets sent to the present box in place of the Servant. Provided we already have 5 copies anyway.

This is just what I’ve heard and read though and the way I understand it.


Hmm, I dunno as well, I was thinking they might do it the uso way, since it’s already present, but we’ll see I suppose?

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Ah well. We’ll find out November anyway when Santera comes back. :rofl:

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You get the RP automatically with dupes of NP6+ units (non-retroactively from Santera rerun on), also meaning you can e.g. burn prior welfares and still get them without having them in your roster as long as you got them NP5 the first time. And yes, they are sent directly to your inbox.

And yes as mentioned, you can carry multiple maxed welfares in your roster, just not field them, bar literally Mecha Eli (Mk. I, Mk. II, support of either).


As much as I like Chacha (including her voice) a full team of three at once would be a f*cking nightmare.


Like with any other Servant, welfare or not, you can raise as many copies as you want, but only run 1 in your team, plus a support.

So you could have 2 NP5 lvl 80 Chachas, but you would only be able to put 1 in your party - just like you can’t roll the FP gacha for Georgios and put 2 lvl 1 Saints in your lineup.

You can use your own + a support for 2 total. (The only exception to this is Mecha Eli-chan, since she is 2 unique servants who happen to have the same exact skills)