Moar cheap builds yey: Lute, Erk and Sonia edition

I think I’m going to start a series of how to build them due to how many times I do this…

First one is Lute, a character of Sacred Stones, while she is not my favorite due to me not usually liking boisterous characters (except Prussia) Lute has gained my respect back then in SS, she is a good mage…

While I don’t care about Blazing Blade in general, I think Erk is good, he looks cute, though I’m not sure if he is a child, teen or a young adult, anyway I also have two four star red mage (Morgan who is ready and Knoll who I’m going to give him a res based build)
Looking at them, Erk and Lute kinda looks like siblings

Last one is shafted woman Sonia, who I would build because I need more blue mages, however due to New Year Alfonse being better at her in terms of close counter tanky blue mages, I decided to go for the fallen Lyon route, which will have a niche on being a blue ranged tank
Imagine the book is Valentines Verónica one and the threaten is the atk/res one

I would like to know about what you think of these builds :feh_flaynfish:


Like all FE characters, Erk is probably a child soldier.

Well in all seriousness, most characters are in their mid to late teens. IIRC Erk is somewhere around 16.

Some of the youngest characters in the series are Nino (12 or 13?), and probably PoR Rolf and Mist.

The oldest are more interesting, since we don’t really know the ages of any of them. Tiki is the most obvious, as are all the dragons. Not counting them, we get some interesting results. Niime comes to mind, as over 100 (can’t remember her age). Brammimond and Athos as well. Then there are the Laguz, who age much slower. A conversation in PoR reveals this, with one of the younger laguz (Janaff) actually being 138. So we can assume that Nealuchi as also a couple centuries old.

Oh the builds.

Yeah they fine. For lute might as well give her desperation, since fury/desperation is a classic combo. I really like that one.

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In cheap build I always try not to give everyone fury desperation
But I just can’t do it


Hey if it works it works.

I’ve stopped doing budget builds since I’ve been orb saving and making merge projects instead, but back in the day I usually did one of 2 things

  1. Fury and Desperation baby!!!
  2. base kit if I never intend to use them

I honestly don’t think I was creative enough to do anything other than that.


Fury/Desperation/Moonbow… I miss early FEH.


T’was a simpler time


At least that build is sure fun

So question on that Sonia build… why Threaten Res 3, when she already comes with Threaten Atk/Res 2?

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Because the builder didn’t have that version of the threaten
It had the tier 4 version

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Ah, my favorite reason to anything.

Oh, you might need to check the box that lets you use not fully upgraded skills. IIRC there is one.

You would need to uncheck the box for max skills