Moltres: What do I do?

Got a 98% shiny at L31. It’s current set is Fire Spin + Overheat, and it’s on my squad of Fire types. I don’t necessarily need it, as I have 3 L30+ Flareons, a L31 Heatran, a 98% Blast Burn Blaziken, and a 93% Reshiram. But the Shine-ty Eight on my Fire team is still pretty potent.

I have an Elite Charged TM, so I could teach it Sky Attack and give it Wing Attack as well to make it a Flying-type. I’m lacking there, as I only have 2 L34 Honchkrow (two 87%), 2 Unfezant, and a Yanmega (89%). The problems are that:

  • I already used my first Elite TM, and I want to save the second one.
  • Flying isn’t very useful in the current meta.

What should I do? Keep it Fire, or switch to Flying?

I would do Flying absolutely. It needs to shift use. Arcanine also had to do this when the Blast Burn CDs started happening. Now people successfully run Electric moves on Arcanine. I’m even thinking of getting rid of Overheat on my Moltres just so I don’t have to deal with the debuff in PVP. I’m to the brim with Fire attackers too so I think 100% go with the Flying set. If I’m correct it also matches Rayquaza due to Sky Attack VS Aerial Ace.

Unlocking a second charged move (chose Overheat) on my Sky Attack Moltres was among the best decisions I have made. I have enough Fast TMs to switch sets when a 5* legendary is weak to Fire or Flying and with Fire Spin, it is a flexible gym attacker.

i might have different opinions here.

  1. if you ever consider doing PvP, i would recommend to save the elite pass for now.
  2. if you only do PvE - There are not many bosses that you need fire or flying as counter. Most raid bosses require psychic and dragon. I think the only boss that required using flying type counters was virizion. You don’t really need an elite TM on moltres to beat it. Just call a friend and it’d be an easy trio.
  3. Fire covers most things things that flying covers in gym attacking.
  4. I think best candidate to use it for PvE might be mewtwo’s psystrike.

I would consider two things:

  1. Wait until you need a flying attacker and use the eTM then. Maybe for Mega Venusaur raids? Virizion’s re-return? Short-manning some T3 raids? You decide what its use is.

  2. Consider if you have someone else who could use an eTM, specifically a legendary. Do you want a Fire-Punch Groudon for ML? Do you already have a good Psystrike Mewtwo? If you’re covered on those, then SKy Attack Moltres is a solid bet. We don’t know when/if the birds will ever get their legacy moves in a re-run (no evidence that Articuno will have Hurricane) so its a good use.

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Fire is more useful , than Flying. There are some weak to it Legendaries or Mythicals( Cobalion, Genesect, Virizion, Regice, Registeel). Whats your lvl? Cause pokemon below 35 arent that great.

Just FYI that reports are showing articuno that just released today has elite move hurricane, so maybe moltres will have sky attack,

What do people do with electric arcanine nowadays? Or why did they ever shift? Magnezone and Electivire were around. Guess even ampharos is better? And now with Zekrom, do they shift back to fire? I still have one maxed arcanine in my fire team, but yea, it will be replaced by a better Blaziken soon. Then it is useless. But what about mega arcanine?

@slyfox32 - why not simply wait until flying becomes useful again as @captpepperjack suggested ? Until then you can keep your TM, maybe until one mega release where it becomes viable again

Sure, you’ve never seen a WC Arcanine.
People like the spicy moveset. WC/Crunch/Bulldoze (legacy), plus the fire moves. Arcanine is a favorite of Gen 1 so people like using it and seeing if they can bait Water types in PVP. It ain’t rocket science.

I have been reading that articuno has is legacy move, after zapdos, they may launch Moltres, so you could always get one with sky attack without the need of use an elite tm. Of course the chances of getting a 98% shiny one could be very slim.

I think Niantic hasn’t announce that the birds will have their legacy moves, so it could have been a surprise…or something accidental and they may take it away, so precaution is in order.

Ah you mean pvp, got it. Yes I saw some in open ML,in the lower ranks. Which speaks for itself I guess…

Don’t really think you need Sky Attack Moltres. Especially if you do active PvP you will need that ETM for something else.

There aren’t many raid bosses where fliers have the best DPS. And if so, extremely common Honchkrows and Unfezants do just as fine. Rayquaza is a great Flying type attacker too.

But it’s like only Virizion where flying dps is the best

Mega Venusaur raids it’d be nice, but yeah like @MartijnLW said there’s plenty of hyper-common fliers for raids. Mega Pidgeot is gonna be a primo option too coming around the corner.
That being said, It’s good and shiny. That doesn’t doesn’t present itself too often. Could be pretty swag.