Monkey D.Art and Nami Support

  • Farina: What?!
  • Dart: Don’t you get it? I’m a pirate’s pirate! There’ll be sea dogs the world over looking for the treasure of Dart, the legendary pirate king! What do you think? Isn’t it exciting?
  • Farina: …You are the stupidest pirate I have ever met…
  • Dart: Hey! Are you stomping on my dream?!

I was looking up Farina supports to prove she wasn’t all about money. Other than maybe 3 of her supports (Florina, farina, Kent) she’s all about money.

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Farina makes Anna look like a philanthropist.


Unlike Anna she has a good reason for it. Look up her supports with Fiora for why.

(Long story short, she’s repaying a debt her sister incurred on her behalf)

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