Mordred Spook... To NP2 or save for Rare Prisms?

So I threw a few sq at the Holmes / Jeanne banner and immediately struck gold…but it was Mordred. I got her last year in a GSSR, but I practically never use her. Her skills are on the boring side, her np oc niche is never useful (and when it is you’re better off with a ST saber anyway), she is expensive to field for what you get, and doesn’t rate on my waifu list. I am particularly flush with sabers, np2 Suzuka, np5 saber lily, salter, and Siggy, who are all cheaper options for farming needs (unless I just crit it out with saberlot :wink:).

Does np2 significantly improve Mordred and make her more worthwhile? If not copy 2 will chill in the archives ready to become 5 juicy rare prisms if I decide I need them.

Unless you missed Chaldea Lunchtime, Mona Lisa or other crucial things that eventually end up in the RP shop, just NP2 her. I have 4 RP doing absolutely nothing (NP9 punch saint) and will most likely do nothing until the game shuts down.

Who knows, maybe one day Mordred will be exactly what you need to complete a comfy farming setup for an event.

NP2 is the upgrade that improves a NP the most, so I would just NP2 her.

Burning 5*. Have you no fear of angry mango curse???
Yeah, people burning ssr are just… aaaargh :fgo_badciv:
Putting this aside: having overcharge by itself isalways helpful when dealing with lvl drain. Another 100% modifier should help her with farming. Yeah, Mordreds niche is rare, but she is pretty servicable buster aoe saber, and unlike Sieg ,Suzuka and Salters, she packs instant NP battery, so she is better at clearing waves of lancers.

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Oh c’mon mysty, burning a 5 star? :fgo_deadinside:

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Save your rare prisms for Stheno.

NP2 Mordred is like NP5 pre-interlude. She’ll hit hard and you’ll love her for event farming.

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Well there are quite a few case we’re her niche is good.
Arthur is a common enemy in event farming node.
For example in Christmas there was a node with 3 lancer and lalter. Perfect for her.
Plus her skill are the less boring among the “vanilla saber”.

Not to mention she have an interlude, so her np mod at np2 is 500%, just as much as you get for an np5 without an interlude. The jump is big.

NP2 increases a servant’s damage by a large margin. Since Modred’s a farming servant anyway, she probably would like that increase in damage. Also, grats on the Mordred lol

I’d NP2 her, but Mordred was my first saber and my first SSR so here’s some bias.
Also there’s not that much to do with RP either to justify burning exactly an useful enough SSR.

On my experience with her:
I’ve taken her to bond 10, her skills are all maxed, and she never let me down even though I have her NP1. She was my DPS for Rashoumon Raids and she’s actually very sturdy with her 3rd skill though it lasts only 1 turn. She took buster crits and NPs for 0 damage (Of course with a little bit of help from some Hans).
She has very good potential for Challenge quests, and her Instinct hasn’t been upgraded yet. Who knows, maybe she’ll end up quite broken with a good upgrade there.

Currently I don’t use her as much cause Bond and I also overflow with several sabers, but she’s still the only unit I can take to Lancer embers to reliably 3 turns too. Plus she’ll get animation renewals soon enough which are pretty cool imo.

Also her stats aren’t that bad either despite being so vanilla. She has quite the HP pool and the ATK doesn’t fall behind.

I still find suzuka way more fun to use than Mordred, and she has a battery too, just isn’t a first turn battery. I just doubt np2 will be enough to make me want to use Mordred…

Suzuka’s battery is not instant like Mordred’s and she deals like 40% less NP damage, especially compared to NP2 Mordred, which makes her basically useless for 3 turn farming, a situation in which Mordred is a go-to servant in many compositions.
Suzuka’s strength is not farming, she’s a crit servant who uses her NP to set up those crits. And crits are historically one of the worst options for farming due to how inconsistent they can be - you either land them and overkill by a lot, or you don’t and waste precious turns. Suzuka is best suited for boss fights with a wave of mooks before them and the likes.
If you don’t care about 3turn farming stuff like Nerofest, okay, everyone plays how they prefer, but NP2 Mordred is a huge asset for that.

Her niche doesn’t have to be useful for her to be useful. Imagine not having a need for a 30% battery on an AoE servant(I can’t relate to people who don’t want to 3 turn everything.) On top of that her debuff cleanse/defense up that goes with the battery is more than clutch and allows her to be taken along for harder content/quests that can be annoying with debuffs.

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I’d upgrade her just to have another option just incase her niche does appear or you need multiple aoe sabers fielded plus np2 post interlude being the same as a normal np5 is very nice to have. Plus I’m just against burning before np5 unless it’s stheno (and I still waited till np3 to burn any of her)

Rare Prisms are basically Garbage, so only the truly useless deserve to be turned into them. NP 2 on a Damage NP is virtually always worth it.

People talking about hating Vlad zerker spooks, but honestly an NP2 Vlad is so good when combined Tamamo and Waver/Mash, literally makes CQ redundant when he hits that hard against everything and spams NP to boot.

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I was drunk yesterday so i decided at last to finish Babylon. Friend’s Mordred with kaleidoscope pretty much carried me through last third of Singularity. She’s a gud girl.

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Hehe that might’ve been me, Decided give my NP2 Mordred a k-scope yesterday on my support list so she can instant NP. Your welcome, I think. IGN: Makina

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No, she was np1.
I think only np2+ supports i used yesterday were story characters for last 3 battles and Iskander for final Ushi fight. My friendlist trolled me pretty hard.