Mordred vs Altria

So can someone explain to me how Altria ended up being just a weaker version of Mordred? The strengthening for both servants makes it worse with the np battery being given to Altria (at 30%) while Mordred gets their np refund boosted to 20% (and multiplier boosted to 400%, along with the Arthur extra damage pre existing) It’s like they wanted to keep it the same but forget to give Altria any extra anything.

You’d have to ask the devs for that. Gameplay doesn’t necessarily reflect lore.

But after the upgrades, Artoria is slightly better for farming, while Mordred remains the superior pick for harder content.

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What do you mean? Alturias np hits harder than mordreds. Plus shes the best aoe saber farmer in jp right now. Plus her charisma makes farming easier when np looping with her during events.

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Our Tier List is for NA content, but Artoria is strictly better in my eyes once her Rank Up hits. In fact, she becomes really good at spamming that NP due to the interplay between her Overcharge and Intuition. Seriously!

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Add Arthur to that list because he’s very similar to them, almost the same.
Altria has the bad luck of being of a vanilla unit. While she’s currently on the best AoE Sabers she’ll likely lose that position one Arthur gets his strengthening quest.

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Altria was released first. Much much earlier in the game. She was supposed (I heard) to be one of the few servants with 3 skills. Servants in the past were only supposed to have 2. But I can’t remember for what reason they changed everyone to 3, and hence she became a pretty vanilla unit. She was probably also a “tester” like Dantes was for Jalter…

Altria though is good civ to me. As much as Mordred and Altera are more powerful, I’m still pretty biased towards to Altria :’))

gameplay wise, moldred have a better skill, better then all of arturia skill actually (secret of pedigree)
plus, not only she is an early servant, she is one of THE first servant in the original novel, so her skill set are set in stone. She have carisma, mana burst and intuition.
The moment they created her in this game, they had to give her those skills.
In the novel, those skill were quite unique, but here in fgo they are quite common.

Sure, they can make something like
Mana Burst (invisible air)- add a 20% def up for 3 turn (becouse she used invisible air to boost her defence as well)
Excalibur and Avalon: After the np, she gain 1 turn invincibility and a 3 turn heal (1k x turn)

all of those can be pretty much fine “lore wise”

Still, she was killed by moldred, so there is no point in thinking moldred should be weaker

No she wasn’t killed by mord that’s a common misconception. She actually one shotted mordred when they fought. Morgana ended up putting a curse on mordreds body that caused mordred to still swing her sword after she died. So no mordred isn’t stronger than altria it’s the other way around since altria destroyed her quite easily with her sacred lance.

Actually she killed Mordred while being mortally wounded by Mordred as well. So I guess that means she is stronger. Not to mention with Avalon, she could have turn into a goddess like what happened in Camelot Singularity.
I actually really like your suggestion. The current Altria has no skill linked to Avalon healing which is a shame.

No altria ended up killing mordred with the sacred lance first then morganas curse ended up activating causing an already dead mordred to fataly wound altria. Avalon doesn’t turn her into a goddess either it causes her to have a crazy healing factor and transports her to a safe dimension when she would be in danger. She became a goddess in Camelot due to the sacred lance not because of avalon.

Badly worded, but I mean Avalon didn’t let her die and later on the sacred lance turn her into a goddess.
Gameplay wise though, with Mordred NP deal extra dmg to any servant with Arthur trait, I guess Mordred is stronger in the dev point of view. Or at least thats what they want.

The sad thing for Artoria fans Mordred still has no strengthening. If and when that does happen it’s likely to give her guts so she has her full kit from Apocrypha. Devs I think realise how worthless instinct/intuition has become by giving it an added effect.

I think some thing like Lancelot sabres 3rd would be better or mana burst (lighting). Rather then Creating new skills but with how things are going if they ever do strengthen Mordred they’ll do in a way they feel appropriate rather the 100% from lore.

—they’ve made some good decisions so far.

The only thing she currently has over Mordred is Charisma. And she is only good in JP because of her strengthening giving her a battery.
Mordred’ third skill makes her better for harder fights (Leonidas exibition match)