More DC Fodder!

Free summoned a Hector! What luck!

So I’m a lazy ■■■■ who can’t be bother with taking screen shots again, so the units in question can be seen here just excluding Summer Helbindi.

So gets it this time?

  • Zephiel
  • Garon
  • Effie

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Everyone free summoned Hector meanwhile I spent 100 orbs and got nothing :feh_elisad:


My Ipad is acting up and got stuck in a reboot loop, so I can’t even waste 100 Orbs let alone free summon. :feh_sharenacry:


I also free summoned a hector, aye

Zephiel is good and that seems to be who people are voting for the most, tho my vote goes to Effie because I feel like the only way to make her very effective these days is with merges and DC.

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