More Filters for operator list!

I really like the site, but getting more and more knowledgeable of the game, the thing I find myself using the most is the operator list. There are other options if you want to look at operators, they all have their pros and cons, but the thing I value most about gamepresses operator list is the ability to filter operators for a ton of things, a feature I often use for strategy planing or finding new ideas of what might be possible to do.

But there is one aspect that is somehow missing from the filters, and that is an option to filter by skills. Every skill in Arknights charges in 3 different ways (with some exceptions, like Eunectes), by attack, by getting hit, or per second, and with more and more operators linking into those mechanics (like Archetto or Blemishine) I would love an option to filter the operators to get an overview what operator has what charge option available.
There is also some additional stuff that could be interesting, like unlimited duration skills or skill that are activated on drop, and some skill related filters are already in place with the ‘ammo’ tag under ‘function’.

Another filter option that seems to get more and more important, with more operators releasing that have mechanics around it, is the faction mechanic. We already have the Abyssal Hunters, Ursus Students, with Kazimierz and others probably getting more important over time. Filtering operators based on their faction, based on their buffs and synergy would also be nice.

Would it be possible to get those filter options for skills? The parameters should already be in the databank somewhere. I would love to expand the filter strength of the operator list even further!


I think this is a really good idea. I was trying to look for operators who can inflict silence for VI-3 and couldn’t find a way to filter it out. There’s so many different possible interactions and abilities and such that it’s really hard to know what’s the right operator for a given situation without those filters.

With that said I don’t know how often the site coders read this forum so this suggestion might end up ignored completely. :ak_lappdumb:

Near the top of most GP articles there’s a Submit Feedback or Error link where you can do stuff like make suggestions.

You can already Filter for Silence by using the Advanced Filters I’m talking about, my suggestion is just adding more to the already powerful tool as the game branches out in more things that interact with each other.

Oh, that’s just my bad then, I guess I just don’t know how to use the site. The point still stands, though.

What point? That they don’t look in the forums?
I hope you found the advanced filters that are there, I love those, that is why I want more. :P

To be a bit more specific, here are some grouping that would be very helpful:
New subgroup ‘Skills’
‘has skills with offensive recovery’
‘has skills with defensive recovery’
‘has skills with over time recovery’
‘has skills that load only while blocking’
‘has skills that are unlimited’
‘has skills with limited activations’
‘has skills with manual activation’
‘has skills with automatic activation’
‘doesn’t attack without skill’

For factions, it would just be the listed factions we have in the game, maybe with a checkmark for faction that have or have no operators that give faction buffs.