More like what to fodder, that is the real question

Since I have already picked my 40 DG, I can now fodder my Igrene :feh_nino:

I can’t get all her juicy skills though, so I had thought about two builds:

Ophelia but without pre-charged special (build 1)

Just your casual AR sniper (build 2)

I know the builds (specially build 2) are AR oriented and legendary heroes aren’t good for AR, but my plan is to use her either offensively (build 2) during fire season or defensively with the help of IP (build 1). I know some units might work better, but I don’t want to +10 a 5* exclusive only for AR.
I think I like better build 2, but what do you think? would you change anything of this builds? :feh_eirikathink:

  • Build 1
  • Build 2

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if you wanna run Celica has Ophelia 2 HB is requested


AoE spammers without Hardy Bearing are generally not great on defense. Because it’s just a free kill for Altina, and in light units always have high res so

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Well now I feel bad

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