More Ultra League team questions

  1. Some on this forum and Silph Road have said that Gyarados is a counter to both Giratinas and Registeel. According to PvPoke, only Garchomp has positive matchups against them all, while Gyarados loses to Giratina-A due to its weakness to Ancient Power. What are the simulations missing?

  2. If Gyarados is indeed a strong anti-meta lead, what would you recommend as a “bodyguard” for it?

  3. I previously asked why Gen 2 was so poorly represented (in PvE) and the answer was that Gen 2 species tend to have defensive stats that are more oriented toward PvP. In Great League, Azumarill and Skarmory are meta-defining non-legendaries, while other Gen 2 species like Umbreon, Lanturn, Meganium and Quagsire are also highly rated. What about Ultra League? Are Steelix and Kingdra the only good Gen 2 species there?

  1. Most 'tinas don’t have Ancient Power (in my experience). If someone bothers to invest in a 2nd move unlock, then it would be a threat but I think that’s rare.

  2. Swampert.

  3. Steelix is a prime UL contender but veerrryyy expensive! Not sure about Kingdra, think it does better in GL… Tyranitar should be good in UL as a 'tina and Gyarados counter.

Kingdra looks good with its moves, but because countering Giratina is still a big part of UL, it might be caught in the collateral damage, thus posing a risk.

Feraligatr, Granbull, Scizor and Ursaring look quite interesting with their movesets too.

I was actually thinking about Steelix as a Gyarados bodyguard, since it doubly resists Rock and Electric with Earthquake hitting both super-effectively, but I realised that its other recommended (Dragon Tail and Crunch) have too much overlap with Gyarados, leaving it (ironically for a Steel-type) walled by fairies, especially Togekiss.

Since both Gyarados and Swampert are Water-types, should Swampert have Mud Shot + Earthquake and Sludge Wave (to cover fairies) due to the overlap in coverage between Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon? In any case, I would probably need my third team member to cover the Grass weakness (but not Charizard because…Rock).

Personally speaking, I still think Hydro Cannon is needed on Swampert. But between Sludge Wave and Earthquake, one might have more leeway to choose, depending on the third team member and the frequency of opposing Fairy/Grass or Steel/Giratina. My reasoning is that Hydro Cannon charges so fast with Mud Shot and is so powerful for the little energy that it needs to charge, that it can still put on a lot of shield pressure even when it’s resisted, while Sludge Wave and Earthquake both need more energy to charge, as well as Hydro Pump on Gyarados.

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