Most EX/E- Luck Pull?

Quite simply, what was the luckiest and unluckiest pull(s) you’ve ever had? I stick to single pulls if anyone’s curious.
Edit: After seeing your posts, I’ve decided to put in some more details.

Mine was getting Scáthach during the New Year’s Banner right after pulling a Jalter starter on my new account. Every other servant was on rate up and I still managed to pull her. I didn’t even have to reroll, only spent about 18ish quartz and blew the other 42 trying to get their NP levels up. Still NP1 BTW. Getting Raikou Twice in a row during Onigashima on my old account is a really close second.

My unluckiest pull would definitely be on the Merlin Banner last year. I had over 1000 Saint Quartz saved up, and not even single SSR came to my Chaldea. I didn’t even get 2030 or a Kaleidoscope. This was on my old account, and what made me start a new one.

Edit: In other news, I’m seeing quite a few salty Kiara pulls.

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Luckiest I guess is getting Proto Arthur on a ticket when I wasn’t even trying for em, sorta just happened. Still wild when I think about my reaction to it. I saw that it’s a Servant, saw that it’s a Saber, saw that it’s Gold, and there he appeared. I didn’t even want him that much but it took me by surprise to say the least. Shout-out to also getting Fujino on a ticket when she was around. :feh_legion:

Unluckiest… I’ve only rolled one Banner so far, that being the KnK Banner about 40~ Days ago, spent the 120ish SQ I could get + some tickets and Single Rolls but sadly couldn’t get Void Shiki. Not that I can complain though, I still got my first SSR and 2 SRs that have been handy since.

I do wonder what the future holds for my pulls, newbie luck will only take me so far. :ferdbirb:

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Luckiest? My back to back Anastasia and Ivan 10-rolls where I got both within 60sq this week, or when I got Bride Tamamo and Gil in 2 days for the CCC pre-event.

Worst? Sherlock was like, 600 sq of nothing, followed by 200 for Tamamo Shark (with no SR as well).

I got waver from the story banner, I think that’s pretty good.

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best? 4 straight multis 4 straight rate up 5 sars. (shuten :point_right: mhxa :point_right: semiramis :point_right: osakabehime)

worst? 1560 quartz. 1 kiara. ended with arjuna as the 1558-1560 quartz summon, aka the last card.

Luckiest - drawn several SSR with tickets. Waver and Illya during prism code as both gotten via Tickets back to back.

Worst - Kiara summoning during CCC(although I manage get her with single ticket last March) and Jalter. I use more than 600sq on both of them but not a single SSR come.

best : getting jalter, tamamo, caster gilgamesh, ozy, mhx on one pulls all in less 15ish quartz or less
worst: trying to pull for bedi to get him on np5 and losing around 120 sq and ended up with just an np2 bedi, I was trying to get him on the saber wars banner since you can only get sabers and ended up with np2 mhx, np1 lancelot, np1 suzuka. It wasn’t a really bad pull i just didnt get the servant i was aiming and it should have been an easy way to get him since he was a 3 star

My best roll was Jack, Fujino and my second Zerkerlot in my one multi on the KnK banner.

Worst is a lot harder to decide. I’d have to think about it for a while. My bad rolls are usually either ‘roll a little (90 quartz or less) and get nothing worth while’, or ‘roll a decent amount (120+ quartz) and get wrong luck.’

Best- getting one SSR a day for 3 days in a row with a single pull each.

Worst - nothing stands out but getting two SR spooks on Fujino’s banner was bad for my wallet

I spent I think 40 or something tickets on his banner, didn’t manage to get him. I need him to make my dapper squad meme team. He gets two rate ups later this year if you’re still up for it. Murder at Kogetsukan and FGO ~ Fes 3 with Skadi.

Mission Failed: Successfuly

I’m a newbie player (F2P) who started a few months ago, and so far the game’s been quite kind to me, giving me 3 SRs in the tutorial summon.

My luckiest moment has probably been getting 1 SSR servant everyday for 3 days- karna from 19 tickets, enkidu from 30 sq, and Proto Arthur (and a bonus Tristan on the same roll) after 90 sq. I also got emiya, fujino and nyalter with a ticket each

I’ve gotten 3 rolls where I got 2 SSRs in the same multi: Arjuna/Vlad (story banner - yikes), Altria OG/Jalter (Jalter’s second rate-up), and 2x Quetz on a random rider class banner. Those are all equally lucky I suppose.

Also got Cu Alter on one yolo ticket last night when I decided to arbitrarily waste one. I’d given up on ever having him after trying and failing on every banner ever since starting the game, and I end up getting him after I’d stopped wanting him. Desire sensor shenanigans at play I’m sure.

Unlucky: I once whaled HARD for Raikou. I did end up getting her, but the final amount I paid is pretty depressing to say the least, and financially irresponsible if I’m being honest. Worst of all, for those rolls, Raikou was the only SSR servant I got, at least as far as I remember.

That’s pretty good, but remember that one day you too shall experience our pain and suffering. So just prepare yourself… mentally.

Best multi rolls is a tie between melt and kintoki got 2 of em in each of their own ten rolls.

Best overall roll would be raikou got her np5 in 150 sq and a bunch of tickets from onigashima. The first 90 was for np1 and 2-4 was from tickets the last 60 was from Shimosa. It’s honestly unbelievable but I’m still grateful

Dang, that’s a lifetime supply of EX luck right there.
You goin’ to die soon lol.

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I’m on a bunch of people’s hit lists for being a whale already lol

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Where there’s money, a sharpened knife isn’t too far behind.


Yolo 10x roll on 8m download campaign. Gramps came in on the last one.

Mmmh best would brobabily be musashi. Got her np2 in 15 sq. I wanted tomoe , but oh well.
Also okita, this is mostly lucky because okita became one of my favourite, and now she definite my favourite playstyle. Got her with 27 sq on her banner one year ago.
Also, once I got 4 4* servant and 3 5* ce in One multi. But I do not count that, because all those servant where gaweyn… Deam, all knight saber on rate up… 4 of that guy…

For my most unlucky…
roughly 700 sq in order to get Ishtar , that’s in 1 full year of chasing her, at the end she came to me np2 in the last 120sq.
Also, I have a a tendency of bad streaks of bare minimum multi . In between Merlin and nerofest banner I did something like 8 multi bare minimum, and now in this Ana nyalter banner , in order to get my nyalter (I wanted her so bad) I had 9 bare minimum in a row to.

But anytime I got some of those unlucky streak, my ex luck strike back not long after.
For exempel, after that Merlin disaster, I got 2 eresh, tamamo, sherazande and Hokusai in something like 120 sq

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