Most Important Part of FE (My first poll!)

  • Gameplay
  • Story
  • Characters

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What’s the most important part of an FE game to you? Which of these is the key part in making a Fire Emblem game “good?” Curious to see what the community thinks.


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Story is big for me in any RPG, it’s also why I have yet to actually finish a FE main game… the story is usually so generic or just terrible, that I find it difficult to continue.

FE does a good job with the characters I won’t deny that but it’s the plot that drives my attention.

Feh’s plot isn’t any better, but I don’t expect a stellar plot in a mobile game so it gets a bit more of a pass.


When I think about it I mainly get drawer in by the characters either the design of the characters themselves or the wacky behavior that they might have. If they have a good personality or something I find annoying or cringey. Story elements matter too but to a lesser extent, idk I’m not good at storytelling so I wouldn’t be able to criticize their work.


i say its even or close to an equal split between characters and game play


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In the new games, building overpowered or niche character build is a must for me. Older games was just about beating the level without losing that character you liked or sending the one you didnt into the middle of the fight, and getting obliterated… Hehe. And then soft resetting because you wanna beat the game without losing anyone and slowly descend into madness trying.


Story and characters are about equal especially since they both impact each other for me. The story can be fantastic but if I don’t like the characters, I’ll struggle to finish it while great characters in a terrible story is one of the most frustrating thing to experience.


I always say Character is 70% of the story so one of them is out right off the bat. Though torn between the remaining two


Most important imo is the story, but for a story to be good, the characters also need to be good


I went for gameplay because I don’t see a point if the gameplay is no good. I can get good characters and plot from novels, plays, a good anime, and of course, opera (arguably my unofficial undergrad specialization, even though on paper I was a piano major), among other media. Also, there’s even just talking with other people, some really good stories to be found that way, and historical ones, too.


Interesting way to look at it. I’m a gameplay guy too :slight_smile:


The most important for me is characters. The story may be generic most of the time, but the sub stories for each character is amazing.
I also love strategy games so gameplay is a close second.