Most Recent Milestone / Achievement

On Monday 3/15/2021, my 1000th Team Rocket battle was also the 300th heart I needed to earn ‘Best Buddy’ with my Shadow Mewtwo.

My Shadow Mewtwo currently has Psycho Cut / Ice Beam. When I have a spare 120,000 Stardust, I’ll unlock Psystrike.

Should also get my second Level 40 97% Metagross and first Level 22 97% Abomasnow and to ‘Best Buddy’ status today, too. Then to power-up the Abomasnow to Level 44.5 for Ultra League.


I got my first pokemon to level 50.

A melmeltan if you ask… SOOOO boring that the though of doing the same with my alt makes me wanna puke.

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At least it only takes 2 hours now, that’s a bonus itself

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It only takes 3 hours to do 2, you get over 200 candy XL out of 1 box. So you could say that in 6 days you can power 2 Meltan/Melmetal to level 50 (providing you have the dust).

Well, it only took until halfway through 2021, but I finally managed to solo a Tier-3 raid and land me my first Alolan Marowak (thanks Community Day Garchomp!)

Now I need to get enough Stardust to unlock a second CTM. Hex / Bone Club / Shadow Bone, I think.


Shadow Bone will require an Elite Charge TM, but Shadow Ball is a great backup option if you’d rather not burn one of those. Costs a bit more energy and doesn’t have a debuff chance, but it also hits considerably harder.

Got my Platinum Fairy and Dark medals with the recent event. Now that Spheal are spawning frequently im well on my way to Platinum Ice medal.

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Soloing A-wak is quite easy if you have some Rampardos and Kingler.

Going to Mudkip nests multiple times, I eventually got enough candy XL for a level 50 Swampert!


I caught 15 Solrock and got a silver pinap…Oh, hell naw…dumpster

A-Wak hasn’t always been a Tier-3 raid.

Oh right, it was originally Tier-4.

Man, that quest really reminded me of just how much I miss the old “Spin 10 Pokestops for 5 Silver Pinaps” quest. They’ve been super stingy with the silvers ever since that quest got removed. :disappointed_relieved:

Ancient Chinese proverb:

Never give away for free what you can make pokemon go player use raid pass for

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46th maxed XL Pokemon (Excluding non-level 50 XL mons for PvP) and 6th maxed Legendary/Mythical on yesterday.

How are people even REMOTELY capable of maxing anything to lv50? It’s just minb boggling that it happens


Was this in December? Because Legendaries don’t drop 3-4 XLs every time during that time.

I fell sick now, after watching this.
I dont even bother to catch them, hunting for shiny only. The worse Legendary bar Tornadus both Formes.

It’s a poor one, but definitely better than Xerneas, so does Tornadus.

Just maxed out the item bag today, been a long term goal. FTP

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