Most Recent Milestone / Achievement

Platinum UL medal today :+1:t2: now just…500 more wins in Masters to collect them all :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:

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Me too. Two days later. High five. Don’t know about masters. Don’t like it too much :/


also platinum Triathlete medal, which actually I didn’t know was a thing, but cool, I’ve hit my seven day catch for forever now.

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I’m now an ‘Ace’ trainer (in PVP – to match my ‘Ace Trainer’ outfit from gym leader ‘PVP’).

I’ve only been Rank 10 once (during the Little Cup), and Rank 20 in Season 7 was my previous best.

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Finally best buddied my lvl 50 Gyarados :slight_smile:


That’s right my guy, well you know I just picked up that Plizzle bizzle for the Stizzle tizzle, about time, no more catching Arons for me

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I recently got this metal medal as well.

I also was just two weeks faster. Three to go (ice and ghost and of course dragon) . Will continue to catch Arons for the XL aggron though :D

Ghost, Dragon, Fighting, and Fairy for me. To be fair I could have made a bigger dent in the Fairy one lately, just got sick of catching Spritzees and Swirlixes…

Just ghost left for me, by a long way. Which I put down to Halloween being on during our worst weather.

Fighting was easy here with cloudy weather being the most frequent one :D
I think I got the fairy due to catching a lot of ralts in some past events

There’s my latest mission finally complete. Level 50 Bastodion, scourge of the GL.


Well this took some mad dust. I’m spending even more than usual lately.


Do you wanna stay with infestation? I thought about it as well. I think overall it has more disadvantages - I use it on garbodor and it sucks, even though it is effective vs some.

I would prefer if Ice Fang didn’t take forever to get to a charge move and would rather go with that or Bite, but testing them all (with my trillion fast TMs I have now) I found that Drapion just really isn’t a fast move kind of bro. So I settled on this because the energy is still above average and I can put more of a dent in the Psychic and Dark types.

Bite is for open i guess. For PC i guess poison sting is better, followed by - equally - infestation and ice fang, infestation only vs Umbreon (gallade you wanna escape anyway). You don’t like poison sting because everyone runs it? I quite like it

Bite+Fell Stinger is a combo to make him very pressuring; have you tried that combo? Not as flexible of course but unless you’re paired against a Charmer or Fighter (a la 'champ), its pretty aggro.

Yeah, it’s such a weird Pokémon because it’s quite useful but you sort of have to figure out what it can do that A-Muk can’t do, for instance, or Gyarados. So Sludge Bomb is definitely the mainstay for me. The fast move and Aqua Tail are pretty mutable depending on the team. Thinking of pairing it with my Suicune and doing that exact Bite/Fell Stinger set because I run Ice Fang on the Suicune.

Problem is: it’s only working when fell stinger got shielded. If not it’s just meh in neutral fights. For example vs snorlax is has to use a shield and even then it’s left with only 8 hp. Of course you can use both shields and hope there’s something weak to dark or water in the back.

In open it’s good cause two main threats fear dark. Just be prepared vs Umbreon and the goon. In PC there’s not much where dark is good…

Poison sting/sludge bomb combo is cool in PC, of course swampert is the main problem then. But here, neutral fights which are bread and butter in PC, are great. You win the above example vs snorlax easily - just look out for a potential EQ

IDK, lately I see way more Empoleon than Swampert in ULPC…either way they’ll wreck the poor Scorpion-centaur.