Most used pokemon

a) What have you used the most playing pokemon go?

b) Is there something you don’t use as much as you thought?

c) What would be the most used going forward?

1 Vaporeon, it was just the staple for so long!!!
2 SD Tyranitar, for taking gyms and then shadow battles
3 Machamp, so many raids and gym battles!!!
4 Blissey/chansey, not so much now when gym rotation is slow but in the past…
5) Dragonite, it is just good at everything!

With legendaries and PVP the situation is changing and all these pokemon are not top choices anymore except for Blissey in defense. I only use machamp nowadays because I don’t have a full team of lucario/conkedurr but both smacktar and vaporeon are just gathering dust specially after the rhyno Rock wrecker day.

b) Got many underused pokemon: Terrakion, gyrados, metagross, charizard (all starters except venosaur and swampert) gardevoir, rayquaza, etc.

c) Difficult to predict, PVP meta can change rapidly by buffing/nerfing a few moves or introducing any sort of restrictions. For raids there are always new legendaries topping the charts so nothing stays for too long (I mean years like vaporeon). Mewtoo is a good candidate but psychic isn’t that useful…


For me:

a) Heatran. I do tier 3 solos and this guy literally DESTROYS almost every single one of them all by itself, also helps alot against GO Rockets because of all those resistances. Plus it’s my favorite Pokemon and it has some halfway decent moves. (Flamethrower is a great buff on this guy)

b) Any fighting type in Go Battle League. They get destroyed almost instantly and you never get them in front of anything you want them to pluck down. Also for fair fight reasons I don’t use my cover legendaries in raids or GO Rockets a lot unless I need them to.

c) Zekrom. Watch it gets Thunder Fang and wreck the PVE and PVP Metas. I also expect Jellicent being excellent in Great or Ultra.

For me :

a) Machamp, due to taking gyms but also during Regi summer, Terrakion, Cobalion , Regigigas and Darkrai.

Tyranitar, due to lots legenfaries weak to both type of his attacks, also he Taking Ghost, Psychic, Flying and Fire Grunts easily.

Mewtwo in the past, but now lots mons do his job better.

b) Heatran- maxed but cant remember, when last time i used him. In Master havent good results, in raids often are better options or raid end before he even start fight.

Bugs- (Scizor, Yanmega) both maxed and i used few times Yanmega in Rainy vs Darkrai and few times Scizor vs Sierra. Bugs needs more love from Niantic!

c) Tao Dragons,Volcarona, Mandibuzz, Jellicent have potential either on PvE or PvP, and some of them in both.

a). • Blaziken squad, I’m on this for a ton of raids I do. Anything weak to Fighting or Fire, blzaegang is there.
• My oldest/best Omastar from 2016, like 2,000 wins probably more…there has been power creep, obviously, though since PVP came along, Ancient Power was nerfed, and Elite TMs have finally come our way, the boi has been repurposed and will soon rise again. :dna:
• Flygon with Earth Power/Dragon Claw does mad time in Rocket battles, Leader battles and sometimes enjoys the GBL.
• Cloyster is probably my most often used in GBL. He thicccc, you understand?

b). • I have a maxed 14/15/15 Glaceon. It’s my favorite Ice type. I never use him…
• I need to have better reasons to use Magnezone since the Wild Charge penalty and it makes me sad…
• Lugia’s been collecting dust for years…
• My purified double moved Absol is benched for the time being.

c). • The new dragons will probably feel fresher to me than most of the current dragons.
• Aegislash is going to be fun
• excuse me where is Rotom?

a) Probably Machamp for Gyms. For the rest I don’t know. Maybe Gyarados, Roserade, Machamp for Rockets, Dragonite for everything but not too often; for PvP probably DeoxysD/GiratinA/Dragonite/Metagross. Of course Chansey for defending gyms.

b) Definitely Mewtwo

c) don’t care that much. Want really try out the new Fire Punch Groudon though.

a) What have you used the most playing pokemon go?

b) Is there something you don’t use as much as you thought?
Yes. Machamp, Venusaur, Haunter, Zweilous…

c) What would be the most used going forward?
I have no idea but i’m very very happy with my Genesect in pve… and pvp obviously Umbreon, hahaha.

Like how? It’s useless in raids and in PVP it’s only usable in Great or Ultra and with Last Resort.

99% of what i do atm is pvp… and Umbreon doesn’t need last resort to rock, imho.

Btw, all the “friendly” tournaments i find are GL, so yess… Umbreon is useful every day!

A) Most used in PvE: Golems were my most commonly used 'mon for a long time. Love those rolly bois and the buddy animations for them are on-point! :upside_down_face: Metagross was an awesome generalist but after the SE formula change I haven’t used them as much. Also used Medicham a lot for taking gyms because I like him/her better than Machamp (too mainstream :face_with_monocle:). I feel like with power-creep and how quickly things get rotated out of the raid pools (sometimes after only a week!) that no one 'mon has had particularly high usage lately.
Most used in PvP: For GL its probably Probopass; I feel like you need a Steel-type on every team to be competitive in any league. In UL, I use Gyarados loads and Scizor lately. I don’t play ML much but I used Torterra quite a bit in preseason while Metagross and Dragonite were more common in S1 (boring, I know).

B) Unused 'mon in PvE: Rayquaza is a big one. When it came out, it was the end-all-be-all of Dragons but between Bagon day and the run of raids, I haven’t used him much. Maybe I’ll pull him out more with this run of dragons…
Unused 'mon in PvP: I like trying all kinds of stuff out but now that GBL is a thing, I feel like it’s actually restricted the 'mon I use because I know that there are overused 'mon that I have to counter. Was hoping that some favorite attack-oriented 'mon would be useful (like Alakazam or Scyther) but PvP for various reasons has really become the place for tanks. :confused:

C) Most used going forward: That’s hard to say…power-creep is such a thing and PvP has the potential to have a shake-up any time. I’m looking forward to Volcarona and Genesect (the only legendary in GenV that I have any interest in frankly). Bisharp will be a must-have for UL when it’s released. With the way CDs are going, no telling what will be good to invest in but I’m holding out for a Garchomp day for my lucky and a Porygon day for my pure-ygon. Some neat stuff in GenVII I’d like to see such as Vikavolt and Golisopod or Kommo-o in PvP.

I’m feeling that on the Rayquaza. I wanted a prime IV one for so long and the last one I caught at it’s last run finally measured up at 15/14/15. It’s almost maxed out. Double moved. And never used…

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I just used my Rayquaza now for the first time vs Virizion :D (with double flying moves)
Never intended to use it though - therefore not maxed but at lvl 36 or so.

Yeah, I used one against Virizion but Honchkrow and Pidove are so stinkin’ common there’s almost no point in powering up Ray. Same with Bagon/Salamence because I caught several at lvl30+. In addition, there is almost no interest in raiding the recent 'mon (in comparison with Groudon or Dialga for instance) so my opportunities to use some of these 'mon has dropped. Fortunately, my wife has enough decent 'mon now that we have started to duo legendaries! :sunglasses:

A - Hard for me to pick one in specific, honestly. My Scizor does some serious work with Grunts, so I guess I’ll go with that :p
B - Too many to list. The amount of mons I’ve dumped dust and candies into after gaining a steady income from GBL has been incredible and most are still unused. The most significant would probably be Armoured Mewtwo and Genesect. Genesect moreso as there’s literally no reason for me to have invested so much into him other than the fact it’s a favourite.
C - hoooooo boy. I dunno what else in gen5 I’d wanna make liberal use of, but I’ll be damned if Aegislash and Tyrantrum go unused once we can get them. Plus Aegislash’s shiny is my favourite and I’d gladly use a nundo in all content just to make use of it. I’d also make healthy use of Incineroar once we get gen7 stuff too, playing Ultra Sun with that as my only mon and I love it

Question a) What pokemon have I used the most?

I’m not sure which Pokemon I used the most. Overtime I ended up transferring many of my level 40 pokemons to be replaced by better iv pokemons (meaning a dragonite for a dragonite kind of thing). But if go with my memory, I think the Pokemons I used the most were Dragonite and Tyrantitar. I used them the most only because early on with Pokemon Go I really didn’t know what I was doing. I always used Dragonite and Tyrantitar to kick Chansey and/or Blissey out of the gym…Didn’t really know about typing, strengths, weaknesses. I still really don’t get a lot of it now…but who knew an ugly 4 armed blue pokie could make blissey cry. I just knew that Dragonite and Tyrantitar were my go to pokies to not cry as much around Chansey and Blissey.

Question b) Is there something you don’t use as much as you thought?

Yeah everything really. I have maybe around 90 pokes at level 40, so nothing really gets used much. I suppose if you were asking maybe one Pokemon in particular…I suppose it is Mewtwo. I think with all the hype surrounding Mewtwo, I thought I would be using him more but I am not.

Question c) What would be the most used going forward?
No idea. As mentioned before I have around 90 level 40 pokies and guess everything is sort of lost in the crowd of each other.

I don’t regret replacing or powering up as many pokemons as I have but I do wish sometimes I waited before I leveled up some of my pokemons. For instance I don’t have any use for Latias and I powered my Latias to level 40. I don’t have a problem leveling up Latias when I know she will never be used but the Latias I have her IVs is 15-15-13. I know this sounds crazy stupid but I was hoping that her ivs would be 14 or higher meaning if my Latias is 93% with all her ivs being 14 I would be a happy camper but that 13 iv in defense bugs me…Latias is probably a poor example only because a perfect Latias ran away from me during a raid on Clamperl day. Add insult to injury I got a perfect shiny Clamperl.

But any how sometimes…I wished I waited to level many of my Pokemon but sometimes that is the nature of the game. Do the best you can at the moment and replace the slighty offending pokemon with a better IV pokemon if said pokemon is not outclassed by a legendary or pseudo legendary in a future generation…

I guess I got lost somewhere but I don’t know which poke I would frequently in the future only because everything sort of looks the same and pokemons I favor may not be strong enough to be used for future generation pokemon raids.

The ones I thought I was gonna use more: these are the shinies I’ve lucky friend traded for, some of them for 40k…naturally I traded someone a shiny 100% Ho-Oh, if I had that I would even use it to remind myself of that lucky day

I’d definitely give her a go, she can learn Charm and is respectably tanky. 🤷🏻

a) What have you used the most playing pokemon go?

  1. My trusty machamps, 5600 battles and counting , DP and rock slide is a nice and fast gym combo
  2. My first DB/DC Dragonite from 2016, still usable for gyms, GBL and rocket teams.
  3. My 3 maxed Slakings, my first choice to put in gyms (make people happy). If I work to get gold, it is of course a Blissey.

b) Is there something you don’t use as much as you thought?

  1. Porygon-Z, can not recall using it.
    2 My poison team
  2. My maxed out Lapras team. Though it helped me and a friend to duo a Rayquaza with snow weather boost in Feb 2018.

c) What would be the most used going forward?
Hard to say. I think not much will change. Of course some fancy new legendaries may change the meta in GBL, but otherwise, the investment into multiple new maxed out legendaries is rather steep so I expect old safe investments to still be relevant.

a) Lucario, by a wide margin. Between gyms and grunt battles, I’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of him. The steel-typing really helps bolster his frail defensive stats, Aura Sphere is straight-up amazing, and Shadow Ball gives him good coverage. There isn’t a single Pokemon in the game that can resist both of those charge moves, so he cleans house pretty well in gym battles.

b) Mewtwo, for sure. Before the big changes to super-effective damage multipliers, I frequently used Mewtwo as a generalist. Not so much since then, however.

c) This one is tough for the reasons you mentioned. The first thing that comes to mind is Dialga seeing even more use than it already does in ML. The upcoming Reshiram, Kyurem, and Zekrom are all likely going to be attractive picks for ML; same with Palkia with Aqua Tail. Dialga pretty comfortably beats all of them (it can struggle against Reshiram if it doesn’t shield Overheat), likely making it an even more dominant force in the meta if the other four dragons end up seeing use.

But why not simply use Togekiss then?

They didn’t ask about Togekiss 🤷🏻

Latias can also wipe you out with an Outrage.

TK is obviously the better Fairy attacker of course.