Most Useful Tools for FGO: FGO Manager, the Compendium, and others

Some of the most common questions I see on the board is how much quartz we’ll have by a certain banner, or how many event mats we’ll have by a particular date. Thankfully, zuth2’s FGO Manager calculates all this and does much, much more. While there are a lot of servant planners around, none are quite as complete (or aesthetically appealing) as FGO Manager. You can find it here:

This is by far the tool I use most and I basically have it open all the time. The above link explains most of the details on how to use it – it’s pretty straightforward – but I’ll go a little more in-depth into certain functions with some screenshots.

This page, labelled Main [NA], is the guts of the servant and event planner. For the Material Management, just fill out how much you currently hold for each material/ascension item. For Priorities, fill out the servants you plan to ascend/skill up in the future, and input desired skill levels. Current levels will default to skills 1/1/1 and servant level 1 unless you fill out the current levels in the Roster [NA] tab.

The Event Shop portion is a nifty planning tool for Events. It automatically selects the current event on its own, so just check off the items you intend to buy from the shop, as well as how many you’ve already bought. In the Event Farming Section, put in how many Drops/Run you expect to get. You may have to do some simple math to calculate this using Gamepress’s figures. For instance, if Gamepress says you’ll get 1200% of 2 drops of a bronze currency for the optimal bronze farming quest, and you’re running +2 bronze bonus, then multiply 12 x (2+2) for 48 bronze drops per run on average. FGO Manager will then calculate how much AP it will take to farm your desire shop items for that currency, as well as how much time it will take using natural AP.

One really unique option is to add event mats to your existing material totals in Material Management. I don’t often do this (because I’m afraid I’ll forget to undo it later!), but it’s a pretty cool way to predict how well covered your material needs are by a certain date, provided you do every event. Just pick an event from the drop down list, and clear it if you want to revert back to your original totals.

The Tools section is fantastic and self-explanatory, telling you the prizes for each event, how many mats you expect from one event to another, the mat requirements for each servant, and of course, the quartz/ticket calculator in the Summoning Planner, which will let you tally how much quartz to expect from one date to another. This calculator is very smart, in that it automatically calculates the 3rd anniversary login bonus quartz for you, provided you fill in your logins. Probably the only thing it doesn’t calculate is bonus interlude/rank up completion quartz from future download campaigns – 'cause how could it? You can add that yourself in bond/maintenance prediction quartz, though.

There’s a lottery planner as well in the Lottery tab, where you can plan out how many boxes to farm and your expected gains and apple cost.

As mentioned before, you’ll want to fill out the Roster [NA] tab with whatever upgrade priority servants you already have in your roster so the Main [NA] tab can update accordingly. You may notice that I’ve copied and added two more planning and roster tabs for two more accounts. In order to link these additional planning and roster tabs, though, you’ll need to go into Data --> Named ranges and add a couple of ranges for each account, and update the spreadsheet formulas for ‘Level’ and ‘Current Skills’ accordingly. Let me know if you need further details on this.


Most people by now already know zuth2’s Event Compendium, which preceded his FGO manager mentioned above:

It’s a handy breakdown of the events and associated mats and welfares each year. I still use it pretty frequently to refresh my (short) memory on what’s on the horizon. Probably my only nitpick is I wished the event banners would hyperlink to their respective event pages on wikis, but I suppose it’s not hard to Google!

Of note is that these are based on JP schedules. While the NA schedule rarely deviates from JP, which is exactly 2 years ahead, there are some complications around anniversary scheduling since JP’s anniversary is usually in late July - early August, whereas NA’s is almost always in early July to coincide with Anime Expo. This leads to some occasional deviations, like how we expect Dead Heat Race rerun to take place AFTER the 3rd anniversary for NA, as opposed to before, this year. FGO Manager is updated to accommodate predicted NA scheduling, however.


Probably a lot of people are already familiar with Shipfu, but I’m guessing a lot still don’t, as well. One of the other common questions is what odds there are for pulling a servant given x amount of quartz. Well, Shipfu does it all for you!

Main things are to put in your quartz amounts and starting and end dates. If you just want to see your odds for a fixed amount of quartz (say, 300), then just input that amount for Currently held SQ and place the Saving start date and the Banner end date as the same day.

I used to use Shipfu to calculate my expected quartz by a certain date, but nowadays I find FGO Manager’s calculator to be more intelligent at that. Nonetheless, this is still a great (and lazy) way to see your odds without resorting to formulas.

You’ll be able to see your odds for rate-up 5* s, 4* s, 3* s, etc. Even spook rates are there :fgo_badciv:


I’ll go into some depth using the current Guda Guda 3 status as an example of how to use the FGO Manager to plan your AP usage for events.

One very common (and well-deserved) question is whether you’ll need to apple to complete the event or buy out shops. While Gamepress often answers this particular question in its event FAQs, there can be some… deviations depending on your event bonuses from CE/servants and whatnot.

Currently, I’m at Step 24 of the Guda Guda 3 walkthrough, with 3/8 of Megi Fudou completed. So for me, there’s exactly 1455 of AP in walkthrough quests left from that point. This is from natural AP progression mostly, plus a silver apple I burned over the weekend because I thought I would need to use a significant chunk of apples for this event. I also banked about 80 AP prior to the event and skipped 3 runs on step 17. So conservatively speaking, there might be ~1700 AP of quests left for someone who started without bank and hasn’t appled.

There’s 6 days and 20 hours of event left, or around 1968 natural AP left. So depending on your progression (without apples), you’ll have around 200-500 extra AP for farming shop currency. The question is, how much AP will you need to buy out the items you want from the shop?

I’ll use two scenarios, one where I buy out just the items I need, and one where I buy out the shop for the most part.

First thing you want to do is check off the items you want from the shop list. Secondly, you’ll need to fill in the Drops/Run. Thankfully, Gamepress’s Farming Guide has all the relevant stats for you. You’ll see Reverse Megi Fudou, Reverse Sakamoto, and Reverse Meguro Fudou are the best farming nodes for bronze, silver, and gold currencies, respectively.

If you go to the page for Reverse Megi Fudou, you’ll see the drops at 1358.3% for drops of 2 bronze and 300% for drops of 3. So to find the drops/run, it’s:

13.583 (2+support bonus+own CE bonus) + 3 (3+support bonus+own bonus).

Assuming you have MLB friend CEs and the +1 bronze CE the story gave you, that comes out to be 85.915 bronze drops/run, which you can see I’ve input in the above image. (If you have +2 bronze, say from pulling a FP gacha CE, that would become 102.498.) I’ll spare you the math, but I also have 71.94 gold drops/run and 69.284 silver drops/run with zero event CEs for those currencies. Unfortunately, I thought there would be a bonus spawn multiplier for MLB Medusa CE, but from my empirical evidence, it seems the bonus spawn is already built into Gamepress’s figures.

You can see from my calculator that, skipping statues, prisms, gallstones, and tearstones, I’ll need about 1436 AP in currencies to buy out the shop. Now this is really speculative, but if I can get half of that through the remaining quests on the walkthrough, then with 500 extra AP left, I’ll need maybe ~200 additional AP to farm the rest of what I need. So maybe 2 golden apples at most.

What if I wanted to buy EVERYTHING, even the statues?

Looks like around 3900 AP in currency left. If I get 700 AP in currency from the rest of the walkthrough, and have 500 extra AP after finishing the walkthrough, that’ll be 2700 AP need to farm the rest. Or over 19 golden apples. So you can see exactly how much variance there is depending on your shop choices. My main, for instance, will likely finish currencies within mission completion alone and won’t need to farm the nodes, since I can skip embers on that account.

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