Most wanted future FGO anime projects (potential talking of lostbelts not released in NA yet)

I think after the final Camelot movie and Solomon special airs, there will be more anime based on FGO. But I have to wonder, which of the EoRs and Lostbelts do you think will or at the very least you want to get an anime adaption? I also count the CCC crossover, Kama’s event and Heian-kyō as canon though I don’t think besides Heian-kyo, they have any chance of being adapted since you need to know about CCC for the first one and Kama’s event is just lead up to Lostbelt 4.

Personally I think Shinjuku would could work fine with some tweaking, aka revealing that Hans is around before the end. I mean Jeanne Alter is one of the main allies of the psuedo-singularity, pretty sure people would just watch to see an animated Jalter talking shit to Salter.

At least so far, Lostbelt 1 has been the best Lostbelt, I’ve played, only a NA player don’t rip my head off, so I would think it could work to see animated.

But I do want to see Lostbelt 2 animated just cause I want to see Sigurd and Bryhild be adorable together. LET MY OTP BE ANIMATED!!!

I also tagged this as JP so JP players, include lostbelts that aren’t out yet on NA if you want
So what are your thoughts?