Mountain dragon fang

Now, I am in dragon fang hell (and chain hell, but one problem at the time).
I was wondering if farming the mountain node is good enought for the dragon fang and how to maximise the event resource drop.
I have more then needed 4*ce,
but no 5, and 4 3star ce. I can easily reach +14 on Stone and+12 on lumber (+8 on iron).
But in that mixed node I will lose all of this extra resource.
So should I farm the mixed node for the fang, or clear the shop with normal node?
P.s. I have a lot of dragon wings, so I do t need the last big dragon. Only dragon fang

Looking at the site’s info, there is a 39% drop rate at 40AP on Dragon Fangs in the event’s Mountain Node. New Chicago in the America Singularity has a 62% rate at 17AP.

If you’re looking only to farm Dragon Fangs and not the event resources, best head to New Chicago.

If you still need resources for the shop, get them from their respective nodes instead as you’ll be able to clear the shop faster.

welcome fellow comrade to the hell that is dragon fangs. going forward i’ll need about 600. yeppie.

my rule of thumb when it comes to dragon fangs is that if it’s not huntig quests, new chicago is always the go to. there hasn’t been an event yet where dragon fang drop rates were better in the event compared to new chicago.

There’s usually hell for every bronze mat. Bone hell seems to be the most common but I’ve seen it for everything.

Anyway, I’d say focus on clearing shop. Relying on random drops for mats can be potentially painful so focus on the stuff that doesn’t hinge on RNG first.

I’ve just reached bone hell but dust hell hit me again and it’s the one I’ve suffered the most.