Muarim, Riev, Nowi or Kana (wind season)?

Sorry for asking about my wind season again, but I think I’ve finally narrowed down what use in my third slot for wind season with some theorycarfting/battle simulations.

Muarim: With max defence invest (def boon, distant foil, steady breath) he can barely tank max atk duo Chrom with deadeye. Tanks L!Sigurd well too.

Riev: handily one shots duo Chrom and checks L!Sigurd fairly well. I don’t like him much but he’s likely the most practical option.

Nowi: Checks L!Sigurd with null follow up and DC improves matchups, but loses to max invested duo Chrom (according to duel simulator, but I may be missing something).

Kana(M): Very big stat ball that can tank duo Chrom and L!Sigurd, but lacks DC which hampers utility.

Robin(M): Meme support build with Blarlion, hone spd 4, def/res rally +, ruse and hex blade. Is probably useless but it could be funny.

  • Muarim
  • Riev
  • Nowi
  • Kana(M)
  • Robin(M) - meme option

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They all need B Duel Infantry 4 to max score except Muarim so that’s a point for him.

Riev would be the second best option imo, as he has support abilities, is ranged and shuts down L!Sigurd. He would be very interesting with canto control against all these canto units.


Oh yeah I’ve got the duel skill prepared. Muarim is definitely more flexible with that A skill being available though.


Muarim is good all around but he is not necessarily restricted to any season.

If we are talking strictly wind season then I have to simp for my man Riev. He made it simple.


I voted for Muarim: A skills flexibility, can checks the threats and is cool. Riev you dont like it that much, Nowi fails to checks stuff and Kana isnt just enough in my eyes. Also, Kana and Nowi are more expensive in term of DFs.


Yeah my brother also uses Riev and I’ve seen how useful he is. Heck, he could be even better for me as my two other wind season units are melee, so having that ranged unit utility is extra nice.

The main thing is, I don’t care much for him. I haven’t played the game he’s from and he seems pretty standard personality wise for evil mages (even if his art/voice acting is great).


For Wind season specifically Riev stands out because of how well he shuts down Sigurd. I also cannot understate how useful it is to have a ranged unit on your Arena core

As long as you keep an eye out for L-Micaiah who will reverse his debuffs, you should be pretty good


Yeah infantry flowers are valuable to me, as 90% of the units I end up building are infantry.

And yes, Muarim does look cool. :feh_ayralooking:


I didn’t consider Micaiah’s support skill could remove stall. I’ll have to remember that. Thanks for the warning.

Yeah her Prf assist is Harsh Command+ combined with giving up some of her HP to an injured ally, so she can remove any debuffs, including Stall, and turn visible stat drops into gains

I find Harsh Command+ to be very rare but as Micaiah comes with a better version of it and is a Wind legendary she’s important to watch for


I gave special spiral and Iceberg to Riev, He is really good, he kills Edeltina consistently in TT.

I’d encourage anyone to build Nowi as I’m rather bias towards to the little dragon.

I did, however, vote for Muarim who I’d say is the optimal unit there. Riev has a lot going for him but you did say you don’t like him much which for me should immediately disqualify him. Build your favourites. Or at least those you’re neutral to.


Nowi could be a fun unit to try, but I think she falls just slightly short when it comes to surviving duo Chrom’s deadeye in enemy phase (at least according to the simulator). Other than that I’m sure she’d do okay.

If I really was going to build a favourite unit, I’d try Donnel with a galeforce build.

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Honestly, I’d say Riev. I’ve used him, myself, and his support ability is on par with Aversa. I’ve found him invaluable against A LOT of Arena threats, like L!Sigurd and L!Azura. He’s even been put to good use in modes like Summoner Duels (back when I gave a damn) against major threats like Yuri.