Multi roll or single pulls

Is it better to single roll or multi roll? Is there incentive to multiroll?

Don’t you know?
According to Taj there is no difference.

It is all about the singles!

I read about it but I thought there might be some hidden factors that other people have discovered. I tried multi roll 2x. First time, I got 3 5 stars and my next one got me none. It was pretty funny for the 2nd multi rolled 3 x Cheryl and blissey and 4x ramos and weepingbell.

Multiroll is only useful if you’re doing the paid multiroll with the guarantee 5 star.


No difference outside of special banners that specify otherwise. I personally do the multipull because I like the thrill of getting several things at once, but that’s just me.


Actually is the same, BUT the single summons can be a better option when you summon searching the focus units (for instance Blue or Mayla in the last 2 banners). Just because you can stop the waste of gems when you already got the Sync Pair you are searching for.

Anyway, when you are pulling at the early is better try to pull the x10. You’ll need any usable Sync Pair ASAP and that’s the best way to obtain it. Then (when you got enougth Sync Pairs) you can proceed with the single pulls to focus at the banner Sync Pair.

BTW: we can’t know if they will change that, maybe the next updates will incentive the x10 pulls. We will see :crazy_face:

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Ah. That’s not something I had considered. That’s really frugal! :money_mouth_face:

That’s true, but only if you use paid gems.

If you don’t pay, there isn’t an advantage of doing 10 at once.

well multi-pulls are faster, since you dont have to watch the animation and need to oull down the poryphone everytime. but aside from that no different. since there is nothing like a increasing chance to get a 5 star character or a guaranteed 4 star, I´d always go for the single summon. ^^

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Multi is more fun to me lol. If you’re using payed gems it’s better to do daily discounts each day than it is to multi summon, even with the guaranteed 5 star.

With the free 6,000 gems, it’s a good time to do a multi-roll. Gotta admit, I found it to be more fun too!

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I opened the game and came here to say: HOLY SHIT! that’s a huge amount imo, I was expecting half of that in the best case scenario.

I hope some luck comes with that, cause I want Olivia and Blue. Either way, wish me luck

Did 2 10x pulls, luckily got the following:

Yeah I wasn’t expecting any more than 3000. Am happy =)

My first multiroll was excellent. Got 3 Brendans! Also got Drake who’s a useful support and Thorton who isn’t good but now I actually have a Steel-type.

My second multiroll was less so. Almost entirely level 3 characters, most were repeats. The one level 4 was a repeat Will, now 2/5 but that’s handy since I used him to clear Skyla Ex-Hard. Marley is now 5/5 though she’s at least a useful support and handy against Erika.

Then I got enough gems for a single pull and got a repeat Blue.

So overall I got lucky. Finally got the Brendan I wanted with 2 for bonus; now only need Pheobe.

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I only had 3 5* units before the compensation, had gotten two Brendan and one Karen. Then with the 6000 gems I started scouting for Blue and the first 5* I get is… Brendan. Paraphrasing him when he’s defeated: that was pretty annoying

Kept scouting in the Blue Spotlight thing and got Olivia, then kept going and got another Olivia.

This game is probably messing with me, but in a way that other people would possibly not complain. I literally decided to scout for Blue and only after getting one would change to Olivia Spotlight scouts… guess the game had other plans for me