Multiple Accounts


I have a 3 accounts (global, asia, europe) in this game and I’m beginning to regret it. Deciding to focus on one but I feel I’ve have attachments to the two others. One is my main account (global) which got a bunch of good heroes that I got through the Korean fiasco months ago. The other (asia) I started inventing money into it and got Diene and Alencia. But my real question I guess is, should I delete the other two accounts or just keep them when I focus on only one?

I guess there’s no reason to ever delete an account. If it’s bound to an email or account+password, just store it away, but focus on your primary acccount.

If you can read those languages, keeping them could be nice since sometimes Korea saw content that was never localized for Global. Since some of that is getting recycled, it’s not really that big a deal though anymore.