Munenori vs Lancelot

Disclaimer: I have both Munenori and Lancelot and love using both of them. This is just a fun discussion to get some opinions.

So as the title describes, I’m wondering on who people here prefer between the two, seeing as they’re both top-tier Arts ST sabers. As usual, I’ll give my thoughts first.

It maybe because I’m more familiar with Arthurian legend, but from a story and lore perspective, I prefer Lancelot. He’s a very compelling tragic hero on his own, being a knight who strives to deliver justice and happiness for his people, but at the same time being hampered by a low will to trauma and pressure. The two aspects go hand-in-hand to form one of the more interesting heroes in the Round Table, especially considering what he did to Gawain and Gareth and how he responded to his actions after his relapses. It was especially apparent with the recent Summer event with Lancelot’s mental thrashing and the small (but meaningful) talk between him and Gareth. While his history was handled a bit too tropey with his infidelity at first, I do think DW is improving their writing with him.

Now with gameplay, I’m going to pull a 180 here and give it to Munenori. While generating stars to crit a lot with Lancelot is great, I have to say that from a personal point of view that Munenori’s enemy nerfing is really, really fun. A lot of normal mid-bosses (and sometimes CQ bosses) are made into miniscule threats when he’s teamed up with Mash, and even more with Tamamo. With him and Mash alone, he can lower an enemy’s attack to extremely low levels while Mash gives a lot of defensive buffs which results in an enemy attack that does extremely minimal damage, if any at all. It’s just really cathartic to me to see enemies give it their all and to do so little (side note, sorry fi that sounds a liiiiiiittle sadistic).

Anyway, those are my thoughts. How about you guys?


Reject Sitting and Mash-Daddy




Absolutely no one:

Kamiyoda in this thread: YOU’RE A KID NOW! YOU’RE A SQUID NOW!!


I don’t know, which one do I like more? Let’s take a look…

and NP6 after coming home 3 times in 20 singles on the recent camelot banner :fgo_medealove:

And accidentally np2 when izou was tsundere last year on the kyomaf banner

Let’s just say that when lancelot spooked me twice in a week when my account was 6 months old and I figured out how easy it was to get crit happy… It was a sign of many good things to come.

Munenori get lots of awesome samurai points, but all of the 1t duration skills… I don’t always know which to trigger when for best effect so usually default back to my trusty knight of the lake. I do enjoy seeing what @L11 can do with him though.


First response is just straight up memeing, and I’m not even mad since that got a laugh out of me.

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Yeah, that’s fair. Lancelot’s skills tend to last a lot longer. Like I said, though, I think Muneori and Mash just appeal to the sadist in me; completely neuter an enemy and buff up defenses to the point that their strongest attacks do jack to me.


Lancelot is my favorite character in the franchise and in most of if not all media in general. And while I think he gets a bit too much hassle from the infidelity and them turning him into a deadbeat dad, its all in good fun and I still like him here anyway. On the other side, Ihated yagyu initially because of his shimousa appearance but have warmed up to him a lot. But there’s nothing he could do to scratch lancelot imo

Gameplay wise they have different niches, but I just like lancelot’s better. Arts teams for me are always about sustain, and there’s nothing that kills an arts unit more for me than bursty 1 turn buffs. Lancelot is self sufficient, can loop, and if he has face cards, he can always crit. Yagyu has better burst potential, survivability, and some debuffs but I’d still prefer lancelot by a good bit


Both of them are neat :feh_flaynfish:

I don’t know much about Munenori since I haven’t gotten to the point where he appears in the main story yet, but he was a fun villain in SW2


Yeah yagyu’s event appearances are where he shines for me


He’s stronger in the events, honestly. While he wasn’t bad in Shimousa, he was mainly used as a foil for one of the protagonist characters, and was just stoic otherwise. The events and his interlude do a much better job fleshing him out.


I barely use Lancelot, but I always expect Yagyu’s buffs/debuffs to last longer considering he’s…not all that impressive to me without them. Gotta give it to the Frenchy (though if I have need of either, I’m probably using Hokusai instead).


I dunno. His animations are really kickass for a saber without lasers.


Got me there. He absolutely beats Lancelot on that front.


At least until LB6. His animations in JP honestly make me wish that DW would do what they did with Salter and Ishtar and give us their updates early.


Seriously though, yeah Hosukai is a really strong contender from her being at NP5 alone. Just from pure Arts damage she has both of them beat.


Well that’s certainly better, but as of now I’d describe Lancelots NP as the Saber equivalent of a Caster ball.


With chainsaw sound effects, very oddly. Not sure who approved that.

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Glad I was able to make you laugh and yeah, Hokusai is super cute and strong I definitely prefer her over the other two options.

Though in a strict comparison I’ll take Lancelot over Munenori anyways and the current event solidifies that even more

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Neither, both my munenori and lancelot are benched in favor of my grailed Hokusaber :fgo_hokusaiwink:

But speaking seriously, I use munenori to stall/slowplay, lancelot for fastplay, meaning I prefer lancey overall.


Based :+1: