Murder at the Kogetsukan story discussion (No Spoilers)

Though it would be fun if we had a topic where everyone could work together and try to come up with theories and actually solve the mystery instead of just simply looking up the answer. Once again, please no spoilers.

The screenshot I took turned out to be a bit too dark but I did manage to find a fan translation of the family tree from the original JP event over on r/FGOGuide. The translation is super close except Maurice should be Morris and Lorrie should be Laurie.

Who do you think is the culprit?

  • Dorothy
  • Ann
  • Eva
  • Harriet

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Also fun fact, the first two chapter name are named after the first two of Ronald Knox’s Commandments of Detective Fiction.


I’m going to have the hardest time telling Juliet and Harriet apart.


I just realized that this VN just broke almost all the rules written by Knox


I believe that´s actually going to be a major plot point.

Especially considering what Holmes said about not taking things at face value and Knox´s 10th Commandment which is going to be revealed at the very end of the story.

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There was a line about twins already as well, and Wu said that he would notice. Which, to be fair, when you deal with those twins you do notice the differences but here it’s just the side their flower is on, and I’m going to forget.

My stupid way of remembering them is that H is to the left of J in the alphabet so Harriet’s flower is on the left and Juliet’s flower is on the right.


I like that a lot.

I did certainly find the whole thing interesting. For a moment I honestly wondered if they were going to break even our most basic presumptions and have Raikou be Juliet’s twin! But yeah, they avoided going quite that far.

It is a pretty common thing with FGO events to just replace new characters with servants. At least that is an important aspect to this event instead of just something that happens because they can’t bother to create new character designs.

Should make for an interesting discussion so long as people who have played JP can hold themselves back. We have to both discard what we feel about these characters since they are different people and yet we have to think about why these characters were chosen to fill these roles. We got an example with Mordred naturally. So as things go on we have to consider why is each individual played by that servant. And yet we also have to consider how that might mislead us.

Heck we have to question our own place in the story. Just a friend that Juliet so happens to invite to this big family meeting about her arranged engagement? Definitely something going on there…


Given Holmes’ warning about not taking things at face value, I think physical descriptions given when people speak will play a large part in this.

Clearly what the ‘Servants’ see is different from what we see as the player. Case in point being Mordred/Morris.

If someone says ‘a tall woman’ it wouldn’t necessarily mean that Harriet or Juliet are exempt just because we see them as small. They could be on the tall side of things if someone describes them as such. And for all we know, Raikou/Eva could actually be ‘flat-chested’ or close to it :rofl:


Oh yeah I’m super curious to see how they’re going to handle that disconnect with regards to the character and the Servant that’s portraying them. Based on how Morris/Mordred was handled, the Servants were chosen based on the MC’s first impressions. We don’t know if it’s possibly superficial like how Sherlock is Sheringham because they’re both detectives, or it might be more depth like how Moriarty is Hawthorne which may suggest that the MC feels that Hawthorne is shady or untrustworthy.

Since Juliet said she’s the MC’s friend does that mean that the MC is also playing a character like how the Servants are playing their characters? If so that means the MC has to deal with their role as both this outsider who has to solve the mystery and this in-story character who already has pre-established connections to Juliet and possibly some of the other characters. This also leads to the possibility that these Servants are chosen based not only on the MC’s impressions, but also based on the MC’s character’s impressions.

Speaking of Juliet, I wonder why the MC associated her with Stheno even though we initially didn’t know that she had a sister. If Juliet and Harriet were introduced at the same time I could see why the MC would associate them with Stheno and Euryale, but the first time we see Juliet she’s just some random woman who considers us her friend. I could see Mash or some other female Servant also just as easily take up that role, so there must be some reason why Stheno was chosen. Maybe some other aspect of Stheno is associated with Juliet or it could be what I was talking about earlier with the MC’s character and how their character might already know about Harriet.


Well I’m not gonna join (cause I already spoiled myself and any conjectures I make will be silly knowing this) so unless I see a drastic change in the story at any point (which not sure if there will be I doubt it) I’ll just lurk. Have fun with this

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Honestly i just skip.

I care only for the sqz :sweat_smile:

Well the ten sq are only if the majority vote correctly which if enough people are spoiled like me that won’t be an issue lol

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I don’t know if it is considered a spoiler, but all the chapters will be named after the commandments. That’s the reason we have Wu who is Chinese obviously because there’s a commandment regarding not suppose to have Chinese in detective stories.

My guess is that the memories of Guda and his character are overlapping. Their mind chooses actors (servants) to portray characters they are most similar to. So in the case of Morris, his violent disposition no doubt reminded the Master of Sir Mordred. If we assume this pattern to be consistent, then other characters will likely have similar aspects and/or backgrounds to the servants who portray them.

Take Moriar- Doctor Hawthorne as an example. What does our main character see in him? A shady man who’m he finds difficult to trust? Or perhaps an able mind of renowned intellect?

Furthermore if my hypothesis of memories overlapping holds true, that would indicate why ‘Juliet’ was immediately associated with Stheno. The memories the MC has are only somewhat being accessed by the Master of Chaldea.

Lastly I have my hunches on Aaron and Adamska, and their real relations. Just a hunch based on their actors, nothing truly conclusive. If I’m correct, then we’re in for a tale of tragic love and drama. We’ll have to wait for pieces to show themselves before discussing further however, no reason to jump to conclusions straight away.

Adamska as Lancelot so that Mash can go for the “bad daddy” trope. Seriously I think a person who don’t play fgo will get the answer faster because he won’t be trapped by some of the shenanigans only fgo players know.


Was the choice truly for the sake of a practical joke? Or is their another meaning based on Cuckcelot’s character and background? How does the MC view NTRCelot’s character? Does he see Chainsawlot as a caring and loving father, or is there a more devious secret our character is aware of?

Choosing Lancelot as a Family father? Smells like adultery to me. :fgo_moriartysmile:


Precisely my thoughts, and I’ve got my suspicions about that Ex-Wife.