Murder at the Kogetsukan story discussion (No Spoilers)

I’d think Dorothy would know if Laurie was her kid. Pregnancy and childbirth are kind of hard to miss…

- laurie is dorothys child



This aged poorly :fgo_gudako:

Now to new theorycrafting! Reading on this thread about Eva\Harriet Mother\Sister switchero had blown my mind. Now as I spend the day rereading story so far (in-between grinding fangs :fgo_deadinside: ), I have to agree with this. This is exact kind of preconceptions Holmes was warning us about after Mordred\Morris “gender” incident - we were basing our deductions entirely on what we know of Servants who were stand-ins for characters. Putting too much weight on what traits of servants they are inheriting is pointless - we had already been shown, that this wont serve as a clue. A mystery must be solved entirely based on clues within its closed circle, not with the use of outside information our character posses (which is good writing in my book). But I will let great detective himself spell it

Holmes take on situation

Now, looking back, Eva being sister makes much more sense. Lets say she is played by Raikou simply because shes is easy-going well endowed girl - this explains why Morris would much prefer her to Juliet. As Harriet so far only had similar condescending snide remarks towards him as Julliet and being just generally standoffish like her. While Eva was just generally being a tease and a flirt - the sort of women, that simpleminded guy like him would find attractive.

Next is case of us knowing that Adamska was striving for his wife happiness overruled here once, this being about arranged marriage. Now, who opposed the most to it in story? Harriet! She explicitly said, that she wishes for Julliet happiness and would not see her married to somebody who she does not love (a motive as I said in earlier post, when I still treated her like sister).

Extra evidence, aside from major ms Violet slip that was mentioned already

Yeah, and yet you did reprimand “Eva” when she was inviting Chris to her room (also, why would “wife” even have separate room when “husband” is present

And also at the beach

She did not seem to care about her “husband” being nearby, neither did he say anything - the early scene was not Adamska getting jealous - he just reprimanded her daughter for poor manners!

And if we accept this, than

Not only Harriet does not have alibi for the night, she left “to sleep” just a little before Chris murder!

My murder theory

Harriet is the killer - she noticed him going to Sheringham (or just heard him intending to talk) and was unknown second visitor, who poisoned Sheringham, just to get rid of him and pin the blame on Morris

Yep, and Morris thought they he just became prime suspect

Next she lured Morris to talk, possibly to discuss switching his brides and pushed him of the cliff to conveniently make him disappear just as he gets blamed for Sheringham death as a hurriedly made substitute plan. Fist mistake - she had no idea about Chris (and again, unlike Eva likes this idea no more), so she had gone to his room and poisoned him with needle during greeting. Then second mistake - due to tides Morris body showed up at the beach, no he cant be blamed for everything as a scapegoat. Waiting to see what is next.

A minor detail - Hawthrone is on it and helps to cover for her with his autopsy - like not discovering how Sheringham was poisoned

About Ann - she is likely Chris mother, but she just tried to capture and interrogate MC and possibly avenge Chris as the most suspicious one around to her.


Oof I also had that same question myself :laughing: but during that time I still hadn’t suspected that Eva could be the sister


Yeah, my original interpretation of these scene was: they do share room and we were shown Violet family issues, with Adamska disapproval being sort of “at least do not have your affairs when I can see you”. But it clashed with latter information from his own mouth, that he is happily married family man, further strengthened by beach scene with Juliet and Harriet. But with Eva being his daughter it started making scenes.


Darn Sherlock… I meant Sheringham is not dead…

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Pfft. 9 months fly right on by when you’re having fun
(Obviously insensitive immature joke by a 19 year old)


So based on clue left by Sheringham… I meant Sherlock.

  1. The Killer is a Mother - Eliminate all Male Character
  2. Eliminate Bunyan and Juliet as their Identity is clear as daughter
  3. 4 main suspect - Dorothy, Ann, Eva and Harriet
  4. the clue for True Criminal can be solve by elimination based on the Alibi of the Suspect during the time of dead for Chris

I added Eva and Harriet due to the faction fight whose the real mother

@Psychedeliccreature can you add a poll to the 1st post?


So this little bit was actually a clue.

Real-time thoughts:
  • Ann was saving you from poison/sleeping pill. +1 me (and just about all of us) for thinking she wasn’t out to kill us.
  • Adamska is standing next to Harriet/Fionn is standing next to Dorothy (though I expect we’ll get it confirmed one way or the other here on who the mother/who the twin is)
  • Sheringham’s body is missing “replaced with logs”
    ** A) called that
  • Why did Wu check the morgue/basement when no one came in after the doorbell rang? :thinking:
  • Don’t ever split the party (Jaguar should know that)
    **Ok, they’re splitting the split party smh
  • Cain is going to try to kill us with sheers, ok…(sheers for real or just what MC is imagining based on Mephisto?)
  • Sheringham comes in to save us, so he’s not dead.
    ** A) Called that

(Ignore that I said he might be the culprit) :sweat_smile:

  • Battle Sheringham has “???” for a name…not Sheringham?
  • Oh, that was it?
    Chapter 8:
  • Sheringham?
  • He knows our name, it’s Holmes
  • So yeah, the full moon played into things.
  • Cain was playing hide-and-seek just before 11:25
  • Sherlock knows who did it but won’t tell us (when do they ever?)
  • Aw…he was trying to write “mom”. I’m fully wrong on that one
  • Who had the alibi?


Ann (if Chris’ mom): Playing poker at the time with Aaron and Adamska, had Wu in the same room (left for breaks, but never for long). Has no motive afaik.
Dorothy: Found Cain and Laurie playing hide-and-seek. (this is after she woke up, so she had put Laurie down to sleep like she said). (This was at the end of Section 4 btw). (Note: he also says here that his sisters have always been weirdly grown up…could be why the MC decided on Stheno (the older sister) and Raikou (a motherly figure) for the daughters). Motive could be wanting Laurie to be the one more in charge so she’s more likely to be set for life.

  • Note: We know about this because we saw the scene, but there isn’t any reason for our character to know about this. So them saying “Huh? Who was it?” makes sense.

Eva (if the mother): Has none. If the sister, was with Juliet. Motive could be not wanting her daughter to have an arranged marriage/could have had an affair with Aaron (Juliet looks like a woman he slept with apparently).
Harriet (if the mother): Has none. If the sister, was with Juliet. Motive could be not wanting her daughter to have an arranged marriage/could have had an affair with Aaron (Juliet looks like a woman he slept with apparently).

My conclusion

I think it comes down to who do you believe is the mother, Eva/Raikou or Harriet/Euryale.


BTW this^ is the link (you can get to it from going to the “News” section in FGO as well, but if you’d rather it here.)


I’ve updated the first post with a poll and a link to the voting page.

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I feel like Dorothy’s alibi is problematic in a way. At the end of part 4, she found Cain and Laurie and was putting him to sleep. In part 5, she said she was putting Laurie to bed at the time of the murder. However, it’s found out that she wasn’t putting Laurie to bed at the time as Cain said he was playing 5 minutes after that. I’m personally gunning for Dorothy as Holmes had an epiphany after Cain’s alibi which effects Dorothy with Eva not being relevant at all.


I am also looking through that, here are some of the screenshots


kinda disappointed that the plot is so straightforward. no intricate alibi manipulation, no code/symbolism. It is just us players fighting against the game because it wouldn’t tell us who is the mother in violet family. The MC has to know whether eva/harriet is the mother, but since us players don’t see all the interaction we are in the dark. The only deduction we are doing is finding personality traits in translated words.


Ugh, spoiler-kun finally caught up with me :sob: :sob: :sob: probably because it’s already voting time and a lot of people want to make sure they get their quartz.

Another reason why I don’t think it’s Eva is due to a reason pointed out by someone earlier in the chat. I think they stated that it takes as much effort to write Ann as it would to write mom. I think they had a solid point there. Using that logic, wouldn’t it be much efficient to write Eva instead of mom too? It’s a lot less ambiguous.

However, Chris had the excuse of being pumped with poison and might not have had the luxury of thinking of the most efficient way to write a dying message so…

There is the theory that Harriet is the mother and the logic wouldn’t apply to Harriet with the length of her name being longer than “mom”. I feel like there’s some proof that would go against Harriet being the mother but I don’t care enough to look for it.


I have a screenshot to support the Harriet mother theory.

The Harriet mother theory has been discussed a lot in this thread actually