Musashi or Emperor

Hey everyone!
I’m back after taking a bit of a break and I’m in need of you guys’s guidance once more:). With the Thanksgiving banner comes a Musashi rate-up and I’m honestly thinking about skipping the Emperor for her (i have about 560SQ and 55ST rn so I’m not getting both and i need to start saving up for 2021 as well). I didn’t think I was going to roll for anything else in 2020 other than the Mothman, but Saber is the only OG class I don’t have an SSR from, so I think Musashi would probably be a good addition to the roster. What are your thoughts, who would you say I could use more? What are some of Musashis strenghts (I know the Emperor is a CQ beast, but I honestly don’t know what Musashi is good for)?

Here is my current gold roster (Dantes NP2, so farming is mostly covered):




IMG_7002|690x387, 50%

P.S. If this was Okita instead of Musashi I’d be rolling in a heartbeat, but I’m not crazy about Musashi in the same way (haven’t played EoRs yet, she was good in LB1, nothing spectacular for me really and obviously I’m not sure how i feel about the Emperor yet I don’t play on JP). As always really appreciated all the advice you all have for a fellow Master (wow time flies, I’m having my 1 year anniversary with FGO in under a month now lol).

Who is that Emperor ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, which NP level is your Saberlot ? If your saberlor is NP2 or more, it’s not really a necessity to roll for Musachi


They’re both pretty niche and different but similar in that they are mainly used to clear bosses and difficult content, so I’d just pick the character you like more or think has the more interesting kit.

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I don’t know of any servant called emperor

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The Lostbelt King of Lostbelt 3:)
Sadly Saberlot is only NP1 (he was a spook on Skadis banner)

The Lostbelt King of Lostbelt 3 (Shi Huang Di or Qin Shi Huang), hes coming with the Lostbelt 3 second banner):)

Ah ok but he’s not even a Saber so it’s kinda werid to oppose them to me. Well Musashi is a great Saber not as great as Okita but she’s powerful. I do think that Musachi si less niche than QSH. Well it’s up to you who you’re liking more though it’s true that you lack a really powerful saber.

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Would say Ivan but since you already have Achilles who is also a great Rider I would go Musashi as she’s a great ST Saber.

Howeeeeever, Musashi does have a rate-up or 2 in the future while Ivan doesn’t really have one besides a banner shown to be in January but will most likely be skipped, so if you want him this would be your best chance.

Either option is good though, I think Ivan is one of the top 3 Riders in the game especially for harder content.

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Considering they future banners of each both of the servants i would recommend Musashi, she is good and have an NP upgrade on the 5th anniversary.
But i would recommend you to go with the one that you want the most


And i forgot to mention that all the ST SSR Sabers are limited till Dioscuri, so if you want one fast this is a good chance


Pick musashi I guess
Mothman is great for solo and CQ, but musashi hit big number and her NP get buff too

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Since you’re talking abt sabers, I thought ‘emperor’ referred to Nero lol :fgo_umu:


As someone who have musashi np2 out of pure luck (15 sq When I was rolling for tomoe)…
She is cool. Plus they buffer her np in jp. She was already the single strongest saber np in game, so it is quite odd they buffer her (and okita received thet werid antisinergyc buff)

I am saying roll for her only because Qhs is… Very niche and only good only if you want to use him. A saber is going to have way more use all the time.

Still, it’s not like either are must have, and you don’t have any emotional attachment to either .


Plus they buffer her np in jp. She was already the single strongest saber np in game

She wasn’t, between the SSRs maybe but not between all Sabers, that was Caesar, followed but Liz and NP 5 Bedi


(and okita received thet werid antisinergyc buff)

That’s because Okita was already too powerful :fgo_daishouri:

Too bad @The_Cheeseman is not here to defend his favorite servant

BUUUUT since he’s not here and we all know what’s best, you should just save your SQ for best ST Saber Okita in 2022 :fgo_insane:

:fgo_daishouri: :fgo_daishouri: :fgo_daishouri: :fgo_daishouri:


Oh man, called that Musashi Thanksgiving banner! Time to whale best girl to NP5 so I can finally have a PERFECT Musashi!

I’m not even going to school the Musashi haters, since I am in such a good mood. They are merely ignorant of her grace, and that is punishment enough.

Go forth, friends, and roll for best girl!


Cesar only if is buff stack multiple time (but yeah)
And bedi and Liz only in np5 vs np1.
Come one, this is the oldest discussion of all but, there very few ssr thet comprate to np5 R with interlude at np1.
The only one they can do it is because they have niche damage on the enemy.

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Qin Shin Huang.

Great CQ expert, good attacker and solo servant with an AoE Drain, AoE Stun, self debuff removal and high survivability that is only made better with Conmand Codes.

You will really only use him for Story/CQs but he excels in those.

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Just a nitpick, NP1 Caesar outdamaged NP1 Musashi before her buff. She only surpassed him by 1k or so if they are both NP5.

Oh no I know Cesar np is broken, thets why I putted him in a different sentence. But is also true thet damage came from an unreliable buff.
Not thet is impossible to play around it , but is still, at base, unreliable

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