Must... resist... lull banner

I’ve been saving up for merging L!Chrom over these last couple of months (at 750 orbs currently), but even before the lull skill banner showed up I knew it would tempt me.

Bernadetta has really nice fodder, and Kiria is extra tempting, as I’ve been considering building Henry if I ever got lull atk/res fodder.

But I must save for my boy L!Chrom. Help me stay strong!


Lulls your Resistance :feh_lysitheacool:


but like really save, you will regret if you cant get l!chrom later



Keep saving!

It’s a tempting banner but it’ll be worth it when the L!Chrom banner arrives and you get the merges! :fgo_ereshlove:


You’re fine without lull skills. You don’t need them. Dull ranged is still a decent alternative for Henry. And even without a Henry, your barracks is strong enough to go through all the challenges the game is preparing to throw at you. You’re okay without those units. You lived without them before, and you’ll continue to be able to live without them after the banner.

Your boy is waiting for you. He’s excited to be summoned by you too, and he’s ready to kick some butt the moment you’re able to summon him with your hard-earned orbs.

(I… hope this helps? I tell myself stuff like this when I get tempted the way you are.)


You do make good points. I’ve been tempted by a few other units before (e.g. young Marth) and I’ve somehow resisted.

It’s odd really, because before I had a goal of merging L!Chrom, I was quite impulsive when it came to summoning.


Yea, having goals for yourself really help. I saved since Feb and all those banners were tempting, but im like nah i need to save for my boy LAlm this month. With over 600 orbs its finally time…hope i get the last merges I need to max him out.

Also what helps me is i only pull on the first circle for the orbs, if I really want the fodder…like i did with the 3 blues for Sirius and luckily got him. Best 8 orbs spent lol. (First circle always the best discount)


Yes, yes. L!Chrom is good enough as-is. Lulls are total garbo


I can only talk for myself.
I usually kick myself more when I don’t try (and i feel i need unit/skill) vs. trying and didn’t do it. even if it’s like a limit ie: “I am only spending X orbs and then 100 percent stopping” it’s like okay i tried and i did it the end.

with that being said Lull Atk/Res is on Brammimond. eventually he’ll be on a mythic/legendary banner with something that you want and you’ll probably luck into getting one for the lull. (not to mention kiria will probably be on another banner as well as Bernadetta and Sirius). they will always come back. it might take forever, but they always come back.


Shit, the lull banner…

It has Bernie.

I need Bernie.

I must have Bernie!


Reminds me of this:


Chrom has Lull Atk/Def so…


You kids and your radical socialist phase…


There’s a thread idea in this statement where we apply FEH characters to politicians.

I’m not making that post, because frankly I come here to escape American politics, but I’ll totally participate in bad faith in that thread

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Definitely not giving into that because that’ll instantly create groups who despise other groups specifically for their political views.

We’re all shallow, and while there have been healthy discussions about what unit succeeds most in this role and fail in others etc, there have been plenty of others that devolve quickly.

Just imagine how awful that’d be and how quickly it’d happen if you start attributing political beliefs to certain units…


I don’t get involved in politics. All of it is people pissing and moaning about irrelevant baloney.

I perfer discussing waifus, violence, and fanservice.


Agreed (besides the waifu thing… That gets weird and dark and sad real damn fast too)


Yeah it can be. Some people take their waifu getting killed too personally…

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I’m not even talking about their role in a game, I’m talking about the taking shit far too seriously part of fanservice and “favorite” units.

Hint hint pillows and shit…