Must resist

I’ve just hit over 400 orbs, which is a new record for me. The temptation to summon is real!

Firstly, I’m tempted to summon for Kliff due to fort def/res, even though I have no idea who should get it. I’m also tempted to summon for H!Jakob, as I quite like him and would like to get a +atk version to merge with my two other copies. Then I realise I could summon for B!Ike, as his refine is cool and I have 3 other copies (not to mention increased rates), but I have a merged Helbindi already. B!Lucina merges tempt me a bit for some reason.

But THEN, I realise there could be some really cool stuff in other banners in the future! AGH, too many temptations! Give me your strength…

and maybe some summon recommendations because I’m indecisive.

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Think about Pelleas and your temptation will be gone.


Definitely save!, you seem to be satisfied with what you have and we might get a legendary worth going for — or New Heroes you’d love to get!


Keep saving for something you really need :royyes:


Serve the Duma faithful and you shall receive the strength to resist.

Also keep in mind that new heroes will appear on the 20th so have patience my dude!


From what you explained, you don’t need any of the summons, just save the orbs

We should get a new hero banner trailer this weekend. You should definitely save.


Keep saving! I know how you feel, I just passed 500 orbs and my Halloween Henry has terrible IVs, but you’ll be much more satisfied if you don’t just spend your orbs because you have a lot and wait for a unit you actually want. Think about the characters not in the game yet you really want to be or the characters you’d really like to see get an alt and and maybe that can help you resist the urge.

Or if you really feel you must summon and don’t want to wait for the new banner to drop, go for Halloween Jakob. You mentioned you quite like him and it’s better to go for characters you like than fodder because it’s there.


If you’re not sure what to do with your orbs, save :birbpeek:
You can always spend later, but you can’t take it back once you do spend.




I mean, you’re technically right with that.


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You’re right. The guy holding the cat isn’t nice. He’s spectacular! Nice would be a mere understatement to describe that beautiful redhead! But yeah, cats are indeed nice.

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Was thinking of AM! Corrin (or Ewan when he comes out) but yeah that works too :bklul:

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After so many bad pulls on legendary - mythic banners, i’m trying to keep my orbs too.
And i will spend hundreds of orbs when a REALLY great banner will appear. Like with duo units or maybe Thorr