Mustafa or Echidna? I can’t decide!

Sup everyone. I’m thinking of +10’ing a unit with Distant Counter and Null C-Disrupt.

Echidna and Mustafa look like good options for such a build though I can’t decide between the two.

Echidna is faster and more versatile but Mustafa has more defense and attack (enemy phase only orientation).

Personally, I like Mustafa a little bit more as I have remembered him since my first Awakening walkthrough years ago. Though Echidna seems cool too.

In the long run or so, which one should I go with?

Or perhaps I should stick around for a prf? Idk, maybe go check on other options…

Though I’m very tired of C-disrupt units like Veronicas and units with sweeper skills countering my lazy mega tank Caineghis. I need a unit that can crush such comps. (Also Ophelias from time to time)



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Echidna has Bob’s so obviously her… that and she can easily use DR skills without needing as much investment


If you’re strictly running NCD go Mustafa. He won’t need Spd as much since he won’t run DR skills anyway.

Btw if you want help with what other skills to run, Mustafa makes good work of Darros’ weapon, Deck Swabber. Helps add to his bulk by debuffing enemies’ Atk and negating Atk buffs, which helps since he won’t be running Lulls due to NCD.

Be aware there’s a looooooot of Echidna bias here. It seems like everyone on this site is at some stage of “building Echidna”. Even people who claim they aren’t are just in the denial stage.


I like running NCD on high attack units, so I vote for Mustafa or Ross. Give them Quick Riposte as well and they will take down almost every single Firesweep-type unit in one round.

While Echidna can still work well with NCD, I feel that she’s better suited for a NFU or Spd-based damage reduction build.


Everyone and their mother builds Drive Atk fodder Echidna, and if you want Spd then Mustafa can do that.

I mean its up to you. Ross and Mustafa are basically the same while Echidna is basically the same but with some Spd.


I voted for “Other” because building a tank when you have another tank feels weird and doesn’t add much variety to a set of raiding parties. This looked like a partial AR question so… yeah.

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Every now and then my EP bait team gets bamboozled by a sweep / dazzling comp and it’d be nice to get a team setup for such scenarios

Im saying other since there is no “why not both” option, Echidna has the speed while Mustafa has the beserker tank style going… like this build for example

Both units are good f2p options merge project wise, but your project will depend on what skills you have available to make them better


Idk if I would like to build both at the moment, it’s kinda expensive and both are similar as units. They’re both infantry axe units with good defenses with the key difference being Echidna having more speed and Mustafa having more defense and attack.

After much thinking, Mustafa may be the better choice for the C-disrupt set I plan on building but Echidna seems to have more flexibility in the long run with that higher speed (also noting the resurgence of the speed meta).

I am planning on foddering a spare Nailah which will give Distant Counter and Null C-Disrupt, two rare skills that can synergize well.

I have a Close Call unit but I’m trying to keep at least 1 copy of every character and other than that I don’t think I have much else I’m willing to fodder.

I’m not… yet, my feathers and fodder are too spread thin as is rn

For a Tank, Darros can fodder his broom, but Hinata can fodder his fan, so For Fan, Definitely Go with Echidna and/or Ross, For Broom go for Mustafa or Ross


Echidna is more flexible and has the Spd to avoid doubles, but her Atk is kinda lacking, so she has trouble killing. So if she doesn’t double, the enemy will probably survive & get danced, which is very dangerous in AR :feh_arthurthink:
Mustafa is quite similar to Ross in that they both have very good HP, Atk, and Def with ok Spd & Res. You can choose to either patch their weakness to make them better all-rounders, or focus on their strengths to make them nukes or Def walls. Having bad Res is a problem in AR, where mages are an extremely common method of dealing lots of damage, so they might fall quickly to a strong mage nuke. :feh_maethink:


Actually by doing some fooling around withbunit builder, Mustafa’s actually pretty solid at mixed tanking thanks to Res Solo being on a seal.

He effectively hits 111 mixed defenses with this kit thanks to Naga + Altina blessing, and if you want you can sacrifice some of that mixed bulk to spec for Spd against the non-Spd meta units

With Eir + Peony blessing


Getting late to the party but came to suggest best boy


I only Like him because HACCAN Drew him but still :+1:t2:

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