Muting a subforum does not stick

After seeing some Arknights threads in my new threads feed (I don’t play that game) I tried to mute the section and the subsections. After some time, threads for that subforum still show up on my new threads feed.

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The mute function works for only the “Latest” section
As far as I know you can’t mute something so it doesn’t appear on the “New” section anymore as far as I know, since uk thats the whole thing of the “New” section lol
maybe @ShinxDaSphinx knows a way around it, but Im pretty sure there’s none


The Suggested Topic works independently of any settings you may have to mute a section afaik

As for the main page, it also works independently and doesn’t take into account muted sections, but I not muted users iirc

I don’t know of any way around that, sorry


Well, at least I asked. That’s a bummer.

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