My +1 Brave hector doesn’t even have to try to beat my Infantry Pulse team

My defense isn’t the greatest but it does fairly well usually, roughly 50/50 with wins and loses. Just tried my hector against it since his refine and it’s a joke… maybe I need to add a green mage. Probably doesn’t even matter tho. Surprised I haven’t encountered him ripping my defense apart, due to how simple he makes it. He instantly looses his buffs after Libra attacks first with legions axe.

Btw is hector possibly the best AR tank as of now? He does it so well, even better than my Bike it seems. Not sure if it’ll even be worth the orbs merging him, doesn’t look like he needs it.


Fury on Ophelia I know… I need to update, she has LnD4 now.


Can I have your Friend Code? I wanna test my offensive strats on your IP team.


Yeah for sure, I gotta delete some first tho. I’ll let you know.


Let me know your name so I accept you.

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Gotcha, just accepted. Also updated my Ophelia.

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I think Claude, Bike and Duofonse are better then Hector. But he’s up there.

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Hmm, my hector at +1 seems to out preform my +10 bike or at least the same level.

Strongly leading to Claude for my CYL

He’s a very good tank. The best? Idk. But he’s up there. B!Ike, D!Al, B!Claude, him and godswords (primarily Mareeta and F!Ike) are probably the best imo.

Your defense’s ranges aren’t very overlapped tho. If L!Alm actually was in range then he would’ve dealt a good amount of damage to Hector. Flora too if she had SI and stuff


On 1 turn hector tanks everyone but alm. They all hit him and die. Alm usually would WOM in, since most don’t bait and 1 round Libra.

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I see, thanks.

Also I see you’re not running a bonus unit :feh_marththink:

But yeah B!Hector is pretty good. I’ve gotten my dark defense wrecked by him once (he had pulse smoke)

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Yeah… I take the easy way out for the extra hp and stats. Although, hector might not even need it honestly.

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Thanks for letting me try it out!

I built Claude to counter infantry pulse set ups and just be a super speedy unit with QR to guarantee it… Your setup was unique because every unit wasn’t smushed together so my pulse smoke wouldn’t have as much coverage.

Saw you had a golden throne! Ill get one someday.

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Np, did you end up beating it? I originally spread them out like that when Aversa was a very popular ARO member, so I intentionally made sure they weren’t adjacent or buffed at all. The way they are spaced, you can’t pulse smoke them all at once. There will always be 1 that is charged.

Hector happens to counter my whole gimmick pretty hard. No green nukes is a plus for him. I bank on Libra inflicting panic and/or survive as a WoM beacon. Then also he blocks Floras forced double as well as having color advantage over her. So he stomps my front liners.

My gold throne count is pretty low, but I pull them occasionally lol. You’ll get yours eventually!

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Yeah I beat it. I sent claude to beat liliana and ophelia couldnt use her special. Then I defeat libra and fiora. Micaiah tried to get claude but got defeated and alm couldnt double him. I use Aversa but she also chills def and provides ward buff and soaks the atk/Spd shrine.

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You definitely need 1 or 2 good greens to beat him. He can beat my Anima team losing 1 unit to Thrasir, but there’s no way he’d beat my Dark team.

I think if you fought my dark team on astra season with astra boosts on B!Hector, my team would still kill him.

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I think your right, but if you want to add me I’ll still try!

You’ve been on my friends list for years. I’m the Donnel.


Haha nice, I had a feeling I added you a long time ago.

Hector prevails! Stays in that spot all match. Makes me not feel so bad about him crushing mine. I Might as well accept he’s a loss to defend against.

Bike gets clapped tho. Another point in my books for hector > bike

If your Eliwood had lunge, I’d imagine hector wouldn’t survive.